The Opinion Police on International Women’s Day

The broadcast – Report on International Women’s Day on Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ Fridays at noon) – has been widely misunderstood. Station management claims there have been many complaints about the program and so broadcast an apology soon after Paradigm Shift show went to air on 12 March 2021. Station managerment (news, incoming, outgoing managers) assert that I broadcast trans-exclusionary opinions when I played eight speeches from the two International Women’s Day rallies held on that day.

I resigned from 4ZZZ on the principle that this broadcast was a report of factual material and/or honestly held belief and so should not have been taken down from the 4ZZZ on demand service.  However I do regret putting the show to air because the reaction against a small part of the program has been so strong that the report does not advance women’s struggle. I told the outgoing station manager immediately after an investigation into the complaints was commenced (during the show). I offered the head on News the opportunity to discuss the issues during the show however she declined. Her stated position was that there was too much heat in the the debate. However I offered to suspend the broadcast to address the issues calmly. She declined and put in a formal complaint to management in writing.

Strong reaction to International Women’s Day broadcast
I underestimated the bias against socialist ideas at the station and among subscribers generally. It seems identity trumps humanity. The humanity that underlies socialism seems to have evaporated with each groups desire to have their identity paramount. This individualism is typical of western consumerist countries where individuals of all ages get their information from social media.

Few people would be aware that International Women’s Day came from the collective struggle for socialism in the early part of the 20th century. Liberal capitalist governments like those of the US, Australia and Britain did not even recognise International Women’s Day until 1977 when it became part of the United Nations calendar.

How 4ZZZ de-programmed the Report of International Women’s Day ’21
I was trying to login into Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA)’s music pages (amrap) to re-enter deleted playlists of shows played on Paradigm Shift on (4ZZZ on Fridays at noon) from 26 Feb till 26 March 2021 .

I couldn’t. I had been excluded from making any changes. My username had been deleted.

So I wrote to the CBAA asking: “Can you please explain why the (Paradigm Shift’s) playlists have been deleted?

I received the following reply from the CBAA on 1 April 2021:

“Thanks for reaching out to the CBAA about 4ZZZ’s Paradigm Shift Amrap Pages account. It appears that each episode from Fri March 5 onwards has not been ticked to be publicly viewable. I have attached a screenshot (below), you can see the checkbox at the top of the page needs to be ticked to be visible by the program maker.
Andrew Morris, Manager, Online Products & Services

The CBAA does not have any published policies on Dispute Resolution Their website says this is under development. So much for fairness in bureaucracy.

Its policy statement states that the regulatory authority is the ACMA which:

Station’s responsibility according to its policies and procedure
At the time of broadcast of the Paradigm Shift, 4ZZZ did not have a written policy on the broadcasting of ‘trans-exclusionary’ material.

So, what does 4ZZZ stand for?
4ZZZ station management made no attempt to engage or discuss with me how this should be resolved or even though they did say the broadcast should be taken down because it was ‘trans-exclusionary’.

They did however issue me with a series of written ultimatums that I should take the material down. I refused. When I spoke to management over the phone, they resorted to a formal process without discussing the substantive issue of why they wished to take the shows down.

I have been associated with the station since its inception so, given the circumstances, I had little choice other than to resign.

– Raymond Evans in The Future

Ian Curr
3 April 2021