Warmongering condemned

*Government must repudiate any intention of joining a U.S. war with China over Taiwan
* ADF must be confined to defence of our continent not deployed in overseas wars
The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) is appalled by the statement made by Peter Jennings, Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) executive director, in relation to “the latest military manoeuvres around Taiwan”, describing it as “the emerging front line of Australia’s defence”. IPAN is greatly concerned by Jennings’s statement that the ADF must be battle-ready as China-Taiwan tensions flare up and that “Defence must now plan for the real military challenges it could face in the near future”.

IPAN calls for such warmongering to be condemned and urges the Australian Government to publicly state that Australia has no intention of joining a U.S. war with China over Taiwan whilst urging a peaceful resolution to the internal conflict between China and Taiwan.

ASPI, of which Peter Jennings is the executive director, is a partisan organization, funded by the Australian and US government and by arms manufacturers. Unfortunately they expound anti-China views at every opportunity.  They are unable think outside belligerent actions and unable to consider that diplomacy should be the first option to resolve conflicts.

Sky News host, Catherine McGregor is another voice speaking of the “inevitability ” of war with China and expressing concern:”..”that Australia is not ready for conflict” and “whether we like it or not… we are integrated into the United States warfighting system … and due to the location of the US base in Australia, it means we will be “the first target” if China launches an attack against Taiwan. We are in this, there is no option for neutrality so our preparedness in my view is lagging.” 

Ipan’s spokesperson, Alison Broinowski stated: “China’s relationship with its Taiwanese province is an internal matter and peaceful resolution to this relationship is not encouraged by belligerent war- mongering.
A peaceful future for Australia lies in orienting our ADF to defence of our continent only and keeping Australia out of big power wars,“ she said.

IPAN is conducting a national Inquiry into the cost and consequences of Australia’s involvement in US wars and the alliance and the alternatives and is calling for submissions.
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