Report on International Women’s Day 2021

On Paradigm Shift on 12 March 2021 (4ZZZ fm 102.1 Friday’s at Noon) I played excerpts of speeches from International Women’s Day (IWD) in Brisbane (Meanjin) which caused some controversy at the station. The annual IWD was held on 6th March 2021. I played speeches from International Working Women’s Day and IWD held on the same day.

It is important to acknowledge and honour the work done by aboriginal grandmothers, aunties and mothers to maintain their language and culture through their children under truly difficult circumstances. This is what I said in my broadcast on that day. I include the speeches that I played.

We wish to give both national and international perspective to this important calendar event by hearing speeches given by Julia Gillard in the Australian parliament and another by Alexandria Occasio-Cortez in the US congress. We have a packed program including great songs by women on the show.

I wish to give a language warning because some of the words spoken are very strong. Some of the speeches given are often personal and quite confrontational.

It is important to note that LeftPress Printing Society – an organisation of which I am a member – provided speaking equipment to both IWD and IWWD rallies. I attended both rallies, helped provide the sound and I recorded the speeches given on the day. It is not possible to play the full program of the day’s events on Paradigm Shift so I have selected excerpts to report the major issues raised.

NB – During March 2021, 4ZZZ management disassociated themselves from the broadcast reporting speeches from International Women’s Day (IWD 2021). As a result, I resigned as an announcer at the station. I then received a request by 4ZZZ management “to remove all references to 4ZZZ and Paradigm Shift from your Soundcloud page“. Station management wrote “we have no issue with you hosting the IWD speeches.

I have made the following changes:

Ian Curr
1 April 2021
Workers of all countries unite!

Alexandria Occasio-Cortez speaks out after Republicans sexist attack.
Anna McCormack on men’s violence.
Brian Sullivan on ‘creeps’ speech.
Calypso – Anti-Poverty Network
Hannah on Poverty.
Julia Gillard’s anti-misogny speech.
Kath Deves speaking on behalf of Nerissa Scott – Save Women’s Sport (Australasia)
Sian – Anti-Poverty Network and Feminist Action

Support for Transgender people:

  • Q Life 
  • 1800 184 527
  • Australia-wide anonymous, LGBTI peer support
  • Web Chat available 


It is important to note 4ZZZ’s ongoing support & solidarity with the Trans community.

No progressive group should be discriminated against.

Jumping Fences – Yo Vengo a Ofrecer Mi Corazon
Helen Reddy – I am Woman
Allie Sherlock and the three busketeers – Creep (by Radiohead)

Image – Snr Constable John Watt arresting a woman at the 1978 IWD rally in Brisbane (Meanjin) at KGSq.

Ian Curr
12 March 2021

One thought on “Report on International Women’s Day 2021

  1. The 'social left' and community radio says:

    I’ve thought about this.

    My answer is, I have renewed my subscription. But, of course, people have to make their own decisions.

    This may surprise some people but my thinking is this.

    4ZZZ will not brook any critique of Trans people occupying women’s spaces. Some wild statements were made about me getting advice from a 4ZZZ board member on this issue but that is incorrect. No one on the board would talk to me as to why Paradigm Shift was suspended.

    I think the Trans issue is important, but, overall, it is not a political question affecting all human beings. For example, lifestyle choices by individuals are not politics.

    Some people on the Left are confused, they think personal gender preference is more important than issues of class relating to war, of access to food, shelter, and work. Democratic rights that affect everyone.

    I had no choice but to resign from 4ZZZ as an announcer because the Paradigm Shift that I anchored (with others) for over ten years is a political broadcast. We wish to change the world.

    Curiously the people who ran the station in the early days of 4ZZ never sought to use what skills I have as a broadcaster and activist. For example, it was I who provided the people at IWD ’21 with the PA system owned by LeftPress that enabled women to press their concerns on a range of issues relating to poverty, work and housing in the public arena. I have received no complaints from the women who organised the various events held on International Women’s Day.

    However Zed management did allow Andy to continue with Paradigm Shift, 4ZZZ fm 102.1 Fridays at Noon.

    Andy is doing a good job.

    In the great scheme of things what I think matters little … my beliefs are political not personal. We (Paradigm Shift and Justice for Palestine) did manage to convince the station to boycott the Eurovision song contest in 2019. I held up this banner when the organisers of Eurovision (SBS) were selecting their contestant at Eurovision in Tel Aviv in Israel. Then I placed the banner in the front window of 4ZZZ lit up by a light box made by a comrade from this and many struggles. It stayed there for some time until someone at Zed turned off the light box and took it down.

    Meanwhile keep an eye out for 4PR – Voice of the People

    Ian Curr

    4PR – Voice of the People
    30 Aug 2021

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