The Grapes of Wrath (1940) follows Okies moving into California where they are attacked for taking local jobs but strike for half-way decent wages at fruit -picking. Nomadland is not wrath but loss. Its story lines trail around Fern, played by Frances McDormand (remember Fargo?) and an otherwise non-professional cast playing themselves. Fern is absorbing … Continue reading Nomadland

Refugee blockade spreads to Park Hotel in Melbourne

After watching asylum documentaries and IG stories Credit: @_kendall_love I decided to give love and support to the refugees based in Melbourne after learning these guys have been detained for such a long time… Wow wee, looking up at them in the window waving at the people for being there, broke my heart..Around 60 refugees … Continue reading Refugee blockade spreads to Park Hotel in Melbourne

Forests – our ally on climate

Early in 2021 three films have emerged arguing for a stop to logging native forests in WA, Tasmania and more generally a stop to environmental vandalism across Australia. The films are: Cry of the Forests - a Western Australia Story, Forest Defenders -the fight for Tasmania's native forests, and Wild Things, a year on the … Continue reading Forests – our ally on climate