Unions for Refugees

Unions for Refugees at the Kangaroo Point Refugee prison. They have closed the balcony and we can no longer see the men. Hopefully they could hear our voices. – P.M.

There are a number of court cases going on atm regarding Medevac detainees.
The premise of these cases is that since the men were brought here under the Medevac law for medical treatment which they are not receiving, they are in indefinite detention with no end date. So they have asked the Australian government to send them elsewhere, one even asked to be sent back to Nauru, to be deported back to the hell hole rather than stay here. The Australian government has refused all their requests for transfer to other countries.

Hence the courts have been asked: how can the refugees be held against their wishes in KP prison in Brisbane and Mantra Hotel prison in Melbourne or Villawood in Sydney? Recently five detained refugees were given temporary protection visas and released into the community. According to The Guardian 192 refugees are still held under Medevac. There is a slow trickle of cases being resolved in that way but it is not good enough! –#solidarityforever #freetherefugees