No shortage of petrol in East Brisbane?

Soon there will be no fewer than eight (8) petrol stations within a kilometre of each other in East Brisbane ! The owners say that the proposed development ‘falls within the Brisbane City Council guidelines’. What kind of guidelines are they?

Proposed petrol station at cnr of Stanley and Edgar East Brisbane.

Below are some of the objections to the new 7-Eleven petrol station proposed for 999 Stanley St East. In a single month council has received over 200 objections to the development of a petrol station on the old nursery site between 11 Nov and 14 December 2020.

7-Eleven are notorious for underpayment of workers and poor conditions of employment. They pay as little as half the minimum wage.

“You’ll lose your job, you’ll be reported to immigration and your chances of being deported are very high and, in any case, any money you get we will demand it back from you,” Professor Fels said at an inquiry into 7-Eleven earlier this year.

999 Stanley Street East & Edgar Street are already congested enough without adding another petrol staion to the area as there is a BP station less than 100 metres away. and the removal of parking bays on Stanley Street!

When you enter the ‘Smug Fig Cafe & Cottage Garden‘ you are transported to another word, you don’t feel like you are in the City, its Community orientated and family friendly everything a Petrol Station/Convenience Store is Not.

I am all for progress but NOT at the expense of the environment and this area is a flood prone area, so this would Not be a positive outcome for all concerned.

A Bakery, Newsagent (nearest one is Bennetts Road), post office (as east Brisbane post office is closed on Saturdays) Smug Fig Cafe or any other small business is more preferable to a Petrol Station. All of the above can be raised like the nearby Barra Boys Fish Shop to reduce the environmental impact on the neighbourhood.

I was shocked to hear of another petrol station and convenience store being proposed for 999Stanley St. There is already a petrol station and convenience store one block away from the proposed site, and another block away is a petrol station which was made redundant and converted to a cafe because it wasn’t needed. There are at least 6 other petrol stations within walking distance of the proposed site.East Brisbane is a character suburb full of family homes, parkland, restaurants, cafes and small business. The site on 999 Stanley St needs a business which will compliment the character of the suburb, rather than creating an industrial feeling corridor that will separate the two sides of East Brisbane.

This petrol station will have severe negative environmental impacts. It is 2020! Do we seriously think knocking down a nursery and building a petrol station is the right thing to be doing???? We need to make a stand and send a message that we are doing something productive towards making a morel sustainable world for the future.

People will lose their jobs and there is literally a petrol station less than 50m up the road.

There is petrol station literally 50m up the road, not to mention the loss of jobs and environmental impacts it will have on the area. Please sign the petition below.

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As you would expect Brisbane’s stupid council approved the proposal to put a petrol station on a flood plain.

Full decision is here

Ian Curr
14 December 2020

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  1. Yes Minister says:

    How many EV charging stations are there within cooee of East Brisbane ? There rather than dinosaur juice dispensers are the way of the future.

  2. Stop 7-Eleven petrol station in East Brisbane petition says:

    Please sign petition below. Sign epetition
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    Objection to a Proposed 24/7 7-Eleven Service Station Corner Stanley and Edgar Streets, East Brisbane
    Residents draw to the attention of Council and the Town Planning, Urban Planning Assessment Team the following grounds for objection to Development Application A005591790


    The traffic report shows 17 vehicles utilizing the service station at one time, without any cars identified in the car parking bays, which will result in vehicles queuing out into busy Stanley Street. Further, all service delivery trucks, including a 19M Fuel Tanker, will also exit on to Edgar Street as late as 10pm.
    The proposal does not maintain the purpose and integrity of the zone because of the introduction of industrial traffic onto a lower order, residential street and therefore does not comply with the AO1 and PO1 of the Service Station Code.
    The Stanley Street East/Edgar Street intersection is already congested with hundreds of residents coming and going, Churchie school traffic and current small business visitors. Traffic will also potentially approach from Vulture Street, travelling down residential Edgar Street and cause large-scale congestion at the Stanley Street/Edgar Street intersection. If this development is approved ALL petrol station customers (an estimated 800+ per day) can only exit the site onto residential Edgar Street, a BCC classified “neighbourhood road”. This outcome is completely unacceptable!


    A wide double front “entry only” driveway is planned on Stanley Street, and the developer is requesting the removal of up to 7 car parks and a further removal of 4 car parks on Edgar Street to accommodate the only exit of all vehicles, including delivery trucks and a 19 meter Fuel Tanker. These 11 street parks have been available to local businesses and residents and their visitors (via paid BCC parking permits) for decades.
    The site is also deficient in one car park, which will further compound the flow on effect of parking issues in neighbouring streets. Street parking is already in short supply and this loss of parking is totally unacceptable in the inner city.

    This is a low lying site which has been inundated with water during recent floods events, and, is also often inundated due to overland flow during serve thunderstorms and rain events. All storm water and potential spills lead to nearby eco-sensitive Norman Creek. The site adjacent, which houses a restaurant and small business, was sensitively developed and required to raise ground level 1.2 meters above the flood zone. This proposed 7-Eleven Service Station development is much lower and not elevated, which increases the potential for hazardous chemicals to leach into our precious waterways.
    Light emissions and noise pollution from a 24/7 operation will not only detrimentally impact residents in the sensitive zone but also the local fauna, in particular the flying fox colony of nearby Norman Creek. Flying foxes are central to the local eco-system and feed on neighbourhood trees surrounding the site. Light emissions and noise pollution will significantly impact their radar and enjoyment of a local food source.

    According to AO1 and PO1 of the Industry Code 24 hour 7-day operation requires direct access to a main road. This is not supported in the design which depicts an indirect route from a classified “neighbourhood road” resulting in increased impacts on residential amenity (light/noise/traffic) particularly to residents within the 50 meter sensitive zone.
    AO2 and PO2 of the Service Station code warrant a 3 meter wide landscape strip and 10 meter setbacks from boundaries. 1,200m2 is exceedingly small for a petrol station development and the developer has designed the site with an absolute minimum green space. This has not been achieved.
    Locating the fuel vents on the corner of Stanley and Edgar Streets will detract from the visual amenity of Edgar Street, which is inner city residential with traditional character housing. The fuel vents are also not located at the required safe distance from sensitive zones, which will have impacts for air pollution and the health and wellbeing of residents.
    The site design also does not provide adequate protection for the neighbouring and adjacent houses against noise pollution and light emission. The 3.3 meter high acoustic barrier is unacceptable for the adjoining neighbouring residential house, as it will block available light and airflow to the windows/rooms on that side of the house creating significant and irreversible impacts.
    Acoustic modeling does not include tanker refueling up to 10 pm and the lighting impact assessment does not address and detail the impacts of truck and vehicle light after 8 pm on adjoining and adjacent residential homes.


    Consideration of what is best for our neighbourhood and community should be paramount. We have been incredibly lucky to have a slow natural progression of a diverse range of small businesses, a strong café culture, restaurants, hotels, gym/fitness industries and professional services etc along this stretch of Stanley Street East, which all contribute to the social fabric of the community. This should be preserved!

    Your petitioners therefore request the following

    TRAFFIC & PARKING CONCERNS – the developer should be forced to:
    Comply with the AO1 and PO1 of the Service Station Code by removing access to Edgar Street to mitigate the introduction of industrial traffic onto a lower order, residential street and maintain the purpose and integrity of the zone.
    Pay for the design and installation of a traffic light intersection at Stanley and Edgar Streets.
    All street parking should be maintained.

    ENVIRONMENTAL/FLOODING CONCERNS – the developer should be forced to:
    Elevate the ground level of the site above the flood zone to protect against the impacts of flooding, which would result in the leaching hazardous chemicals into the waterways according to the Brisbane River and Creek/Waterways City Plan Flood Zone Overlay.
    Required to restrict hours of operation until 8 pm to limit the impacts of light emission and noise pollution on the flying fox colony and the health and wellbeing of neighbouring and adjacent residents within the sensitive zone.

    DEVELOPMENT DESIGN – the developer should be forced to:
    Remove both the entry and only EXIT driveway access from Edgar Street, a classified “neighbourhood road”.
    Acoustic modeling should include tanker refueling up to 10 pm and the lighting impact assessment should address and detail the impacts of truck and vehicle light after 8 pm.
    Restrict hours of operation to 8 pm with no servicing after 6 pm.
    Increase all setbacks in line with AO2 and PO2 of the Service Station Code – 3 meter landscaping strip setback from all boundaries on Stanley and Edgar Streets, which in turn warrants the setback of the building 7 meters from the landscaping, amounting to a building setback of 10 meters from the site boundary.
    Locate the fuel vents the required distance from the sensitive zone, according to the Service Station Code.
    Provide the standard 1.8-meter high residential neighbourhood fence so as not to impede on light source and airflow to the adjoining property.
    Plant tall screening trees to protect neighbouring and adjacent residents.

    LOSS OF NEIGHBOURHOOD AMENITY & SOCIAL FABRIC – In no way does the proposed Material Change of Use maintain or contribute to the visual amenity of the locality. We would like Council to REJECT Development Application A005591790 for Material Change of Use to protect the area from an unwanted industrial type precinct and to protect the social fabric and amenity of the local community.

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  3. Another stupid petrol station! says:

    The decision to approve the application for yet another petrol station (on a flood plane) on 13 August 2021 was made by the Team Manager Planning Services East as the delegate appointed by Council to determine the application.

    I doubt if there are any real appeal rights to this insane decision! Why do we need more petrol stations?!~ doesn’t council read the IPCC reports on global warming? The Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis is now out!

    Council’s full decision can be found here

    Geez I’m glad I am old and won’t have to stay around much longer to witness this stupidity!

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