KP Prison – torture’s simple plan

Worst of all is that institutionalised sadism has proved to be electorally popular and oppositions are hesitant to attack it, so there is community acquiescence” – Barry Jones, former Minister in Hawke Government. Jones was National President of the ALP when the Keating Labor Government introduced mandatory detention for refugees in Australia.

Having experienced limited lockdowns and restrictions as a result of the pandemic, Australians should recognise that locking up psychologically vulnerable Medivac refugees in totally unsuitable motels for over a year is torture pure and simple.

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Thursday 7pm 26 Nov 2020 Brisbane Time

At this current moment protestors are gathering and police are on site strategise with Serco on how to move him out. Please read this statement and get to KP if you can. “A young man, currently held in the Kangaroo Point Central Hotel will be forcibly removed to Brisbane’s Immigration Transit Accommodation today.

Refugee activists criticise Scott Morrison on refugee policy

This move is against his will.

After over SEVEN years in detention, including years of watching the outside world through cage walls in Manus Island, he is scared of fences.

“My mental health is not good for seeing fences,” he told me and has told psychologists, Australian Border Force, IHMS and Serco guards.

This man has slept his days and nights away for over four months, until he cannot sleep for days on end.

At a recent medical appointment the doctor asked him “what has happened to you? Why is your body so damaged for one so young?”

“I was in Manus,” he said

Oh, I see… I understand,” the doctor said.

He has heart and kidney problems. When he arrived in Manus he was fit. Since being brought to Australia for urgent medical treatment his mental health has rapidly declined.

He called me to say “Bev I do not think I will get to see you again. I believe I will die in this place.”

In recent months he has been asking IHMS to be taken to hospital. He felt he was losing his mind.

He has seen a number of psychologists and they referred him to an IHMS forensic psychologist.

During this appointment she said to him, “why are you the only one depressed in here. You are the only one. Why is it just you? You should exercise like everyone else.

An IHMS nurse told him they did not have the budget to take him to hospital.

Why take him to BITA?
They gave mental health reasons. The only thing BITA will do for his mental health is assign a guard to watch him 24 hours a day until he cracks and promises not to kill himself. Or BITA will throw him into an isolation room where he will be alone in a white room with thick white walls and a heavy door … a room where nobody can hear you scream. He will be watched by cameras 24 hours a day. Or… as some have already experienced, he could be sharing that white room with someone that has come from prison and is awaiting deportation. These rooms have a toilet and a shower with no screens. No personal privacy. Food is posted through a hole in the door.

Refugees that become mentally exhausted or overwhelmed by their years of incarceration are treated as attention seekers. They are punished for wanting to take their own life or for refusing to be zoned out by heavy medication. In Manus Island and Nauru they were thrown into jail for attempting suicide. Some laid on cardboard on the ground and were told to “piss where they lay.” One young man in Nauru was urinated on in his cell by guards.

Australian Border Force are not interested in providing those they have made ill with mental health solutions. Instead they play a variation of the ‘chicken game,’ pushing people as far as they possibly can, daring him to die.

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