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KP Prison – torture’s simple plan

“Worst of all is that institutionalised sadism has proved to be electorally popular and oppositions are hesitant to attack it, so there is community acquiescence” – Barry Jones, former Minister in Hawke Government. Jones was National President of the ALP … Continue reading


Lytton road was wide enough

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Both Brisbane Mayors Quirk and Schrinner lied about resuming all those houses to reduce traffic congestion along Lytton road at East Brisbane. There may be marginal improvement for inbound traffic but there is even more congestion for outbound traffic. They … Continue reading


Workers Liberty study Marx during Covid

Studying Marx’s Grundrisse Following several other successful study groups since lockdown, from Thursday 10 December, 8-9pm Workers’ Liberty will start a weekly Zoom study group on Marx’s Grundrisse. That is Marx’s rough draft of his economic theories – of much of what was later rewritten … Continue reading


Julian Assange update at Brisbane Trades Hall

Last Train to Mirabad Julian Assange took on the US Wikileak’d ten years war in Afghanistan … No Wikileaks today about Sapper Jamie Larcombe No mention of his Afghan mate Both dead in Mirabad – Ian Curr Report from John … Continue reading