Big Boys’ Rules in Afghanistan

“If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.” ― Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa , The Leopard On Paradigm Shift we discuss the Brereton report (released 19 Nov 2020) into war crimes committed by Australian SAS troops in Afghanistan. Andy interviews ANU academic, Professor John Blaxland, about the report and … Continue reading Big Boys’ Rules in Afghanistan

Mullet Men

swimming in shark sealooking for memoryin pink early lightbetween devil deepand wide blue sea — from Strange Fruit by ian curr Sharks attack Bait fish off Frenchman's on Minjerriba (Straddie) Photo: Fiona Pyke Point Lookout on Minjerriba is a poem of wind, of rain, of beautiful rocky outcrops, of whales in winter going north to give … Continue reading Mullet Men