Lowering expectations

  https://soundcloud.com/ian-curr/lowering-our-expectations-of-democracy Paradigm Shift November 6, 2020 "Lowering expectations of Democracy" 1. What are our expectations of democracy?2. Qld's Democracy sausage by Dr John Jiggens3. What now Labor governs? PlaylistAndy Paine - History's Greatest losers Maragaret Roadknight - Girls in our town Peter Hunt - Red Rock Peter Hunt - Window Jumping Fences - Yo … Continue reading Lowering expectations

Letter from Chile

I have received this letter about the 2020 constitutional changes from a Chilean comrade. He also sent these beautiful images of a Mapuche march in Santiago in 2004. The translation of the original Spanish to English appears in the table below this image - Ian Curr, 6 Nov 2020. Te envio estas fotos de la … Continue reading Letter from Chile