Vice Admiral Griggs: SAS assaults on protestors at Swan Island ‘reasonable’

Now only thing I did was wrongStayin' in the wilderness too longKeep your eyes on the prize, hold onThe only thing we did was rightWas the day we started to fight --- Pete Seeger 'Keep your eyes on the prize' The Brereton report establishes prior knowledge of Australian war crimes committed in Afghanistan by SAS … Continue reading Vice Admiral Griggs: SAS assaults on protestors at Swan Island ‘reasonable’

Soldier, We Love You

"Having experienced limited lockdowns and restrictions as a result of the pandemic, Australians should recognise that locking up psychologically vulnerable Medivac refugees in totally unsuitable motels for over a year is torture pure and simple." Welcome to the Paradigm Shift on FM 102.1 4ZZZ Fridays at noon. We challenge the assumptions of our current society, … Continue reading Soldier, We Love You

KP Prison – torture’s simple plan

“Worst of all is that institutionalised sadism has proved to be electorally popular and oppositions are hesitant to attack it, so there is community acquiescence" - Barry Jones, former Minister in Hawke Government. Jones was National President of the ALP when the Keating Labor Government introduced mandatory detention for refugees in Australia. Having experienced limited … Continue reading KP Prison – torture’s simple plan

Lytton road was wide enough

Both Brisbane Mayors Quirk and Schrinner lied about resuming all those houses to reduce traffic congestion along Lytton road at East Brisbane. There may be marginal improvement for inbound traffic but there is even more congestion for outbound traffic. They destroyed people's lives for the sake of property development. It was never a road widening … Continue reading Lytton road was wide enough

Workers Liberty study Marx during Covid

Studying Marx's Grundrisse Following several other successful study groups since lockdown, from Thursday 10 December, 8-9pm Workers’ Liberty will start a weekly Zoom study group on Marx's Grundrisse. That is Marx’s rough draft of his economic theories - of much of what was later rewritten and published as Capital, and more - written at high speed in 1857-8. Trotsky reads … Continue reading Workers Liberty study Marx during Covid

Julian Assange update at Brisbane Trades Hall

Last Train to Mirabad Julian Assange took on the US Wikileak'd ten years war in Afghanistan ... No Wikileaks today about Sapper Jamie Larcombe No mention of his Afghan mate Both dead in Mirabad - Ian Curr Sapper Jamie Larcombe and his partner Report from John Shipton about Julian Assange Julian Assange's father John Shipton … Continue reading Julian Assange update at Brisbane Trades Hall

Moreton Bay Quandamooka & Catchment: Past, present, and future

We post this important study of Quandamooka (Moreton Bay). Please find below the preface and link to the electronic record. WBT hope that some resolution will be found to prevent the proposed development at Toondah Harbour, a truly beautiful gateway to Minjerribah (Straddie). It would be a great shame to destroy these wonderful wetlands purely … Continue reading Moreton Bay Quandamooka & Catchment: Past, present, and future

Qld universities in the red. Why?

Save Griffith University College of Art The Queensland College of Art (GCA) has a long history in Queensland. Over the years it has been housed in George Street, Brisbane, Seven Hills, and South Bank. It has been part of the TAFE system and Griffith University. The College of Arts campus at Seven Hills had great … Continue reading Qld universities in the red. Why?

Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers: ‘the same blue sky is over us all’

In 2014, four Christian anti-war activists were assaulted and threatened by Australian SAS soldiers on Swan Island. Margaret Pestorious's report is below. - Ed. WBT. SAS Soldiers Threatened and Assaulted Australian Citizens TooIn October that year, eight Australian peace activists trespassed on to Swan Island, a military training base just outside of Melbourne."Four of them … Continue reading Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers: ‘the same blue sky is over us all’

Big Boys’ Rules in Afghanistan

“If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.” ― Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa , The Leopard On Paradigm Shift we discuss the Brereton report (released 19 Nov 2020) into war crimes committed by Australian SAS troops in Afghanistan. Andy interviews ANU academic, Professor John Blaxland, about the report and … Continue reading Big Boys’ Rules in Afghanistan

Mullet Men

swimming in shark sealooking for memoryin pink early lightbetween devil deepand wide blue sea — from Strange Fruit by ian curr Sharks attack Bait fish off Frenchman's on Minjerriba (Straddie) Photo: Fiona Pyke Point Lookout on Minjerriba is a poem of wind, of rain, of beautiful rocky outcrops, of whales in winter going north to give … Continue reading Mullet Men

Police target refugee solidarity activists

For the second time in the last month there is video evidence of police making serious unprovoked attacks on refugee activists. The refugee solidarity activists are seeking to free people medivac'd to Australia from offshore detention by Christmas. Both activists assaulted by police are peaceful and reasonable people. Snr Cnst David Giddins (Riot Squad) hits … Continue reading Police target refugee solidarity activists

Yet ‘another stupid development’

Replacing a nursery and cafe with a petrol station. Really? Cr Fiona Cunningham is councillor for the ward and head of the Chair of the Environment, Parks and Sustainability Committee.Five easy questions that Cr Cunningham should be able to find the answers to (if she doesn't already know):1) Who is the current owner of the … Continue reading Yet ‘another stupid development’

Being organised

they are showinghow they definespoilsjusticelive to fightfight to live       - Daniel del Solar Yesterday I was speaking with an activist who was arrested at a picket outside the Aurizon (a coal carrier) building trying to block the export of coal from Brisbane. He told me how difficult it has been to build sufficient momentum to … Continue reading Being organised

The American Dream

Five Presidents (still living) at the White House for the inauguration of Barack Obama. From Left to right . George Bush (Senior), Barack Obama, George W Bush, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter. November 13, 2020John Jiggens, Greg Chipp (Drug Law Reform), James Baldwin (Essayist), and Barack Obama speak about the American Dream. This week's Paradigm Shift … Continue reading The American Dream

Brisbane Radicals

 ‘A group of misguided way out individuals’: the Old Left and the Student Movement in Brisbane: 1966–70 On 15 May 1969 Brisbane’s labour movement came out for its yearly parade. Starting at the site of Trades Hall, abutting Edward and Turbot streets in the CBD, the march wound its usual way through Fortitude Valley to … Continue reading Brisbane Radicals

At the western window, again

Graeme, Lachlan and I climbed Mt Glorious yesterday. One thousand metres of climbing (elevation) and 33 kilometres distance (from Jolly's Lookout). Only it was not so jolly for me! I had left my battery at home. So I did the climb on my 20 year-old bike, sans assistance! Lachlan, Graeme and Ian the Western Window … Continue reading At the western window, again

Trump consigned to the dustbin of history

ABC market analyst Alan Kohler has urged us to look at how large Trump's vote was in the recent US Presidential Elections. Kohler claims the pandemic cost Trump the election. In Focus on Trump’s votes, not Biden’s, Alan Kohler champions Jeremy Grantham’s fixes for climate change. They are straight out of the Havard Business School … Continue reading Trump consigned to the dustbin of history

Big Brother in the Queensland Police Force

"The whole country was trapped in a lie … We were the only truthtellers, as far as we could see. It seldom occurred to us to be afraid. We were sheathed in the fact of our position. It was partly our naiveté which allowed us to leap into this position of freedom, the freedom of … Continue reading Big Brother in the Queensland Police Force

Who killed the young dancer?

“His memory and beauty, we carry beyondHow long, how long will these killings go on?”- Kev Carmody Daniel Yock would still be in his prime if he had lived. Under the old tree on the corner of Russell and Edmonstone Streets in Musgrave Park Aboriginal poet, Lionel Fogarty, said farewell to his brother Boonie (Daniel … Continue reading Who killed the young dancer?

Lowering expectations Paradigm Shift November 6, 2020 "Lowering expectations of Democracy" 1. What are our expectations of democracy?2. Qld's Democracy sausage by Dr John Jiggens3. What now Labor governs? PlaylistAndy Paine - History's Greatest losers Maragaret Roadknight - Girls in our town Peter Hunt - Red Rock Peter Hunt - Window Jumping Fences - Yo … Continue reading Lowering expectations

Letter from Chile

I have received this letter about the 2020 constitutional changes from a Chilean comrade. He also sent these beautiful images of a Mapuche march in Santiago in 2004. The translation of the original Spanish to English appears in the table below this image - Ian Curr, 6 Nov 2020. Te envio estas fotos de la … Continue reading Letter from Chile

Religious leaders on KP Prison for Refugees

Joint statement by religious leaders regarding Kangaroo Point asylum seekers Refugee supporter at KP Prison We continue to be deeply disturbed at the way in which asylum seekers are being treated by the Australian Government. The situation in the Kangaroo Point Alternative Place of Detention, (APOD), in the inner city is yet another example of … Continue reading Religious leaders on KP Prison for Refugees

Hiroshima Day 1967

The Hiroshima Day Rally held on Tuesday 8 August 1967 began in the Old Brisbane Markets in Roma Street just below the Dental Hospital. Children played in puddles as a throng of 200 or so people gathered holding placards and banners that opposed the war in Vietnam, conscription and of course the bomb. People assembled … Continue reading Hiroshima Day 1967

Stories from the revolution in Cuba and Palestine

1984 - First Australian Brigade to Cuba WBT looks forward to reading Robert Austin's account of Cuba & Palestine titled "Cuba, Palestine and Israel: Forgotten Histories". Just how can we forget the ongoing story of the Cuban revolution and the Palestinian struggle for a right of return to their homeland. Palestinians crossing the border in … Continue reading Stories from the revolution in Cuba and Palestine

Rule by Decree in the United States

"Democrats aren't blameless ... I went on a rant, didn't I?" - Obama Demise of Democracy "An executive order issued by US President Donald Trump has sown confusion and fear among government scientists in the country. Announced by the White House on 21 October, the order creates a job category for government workers in “confidential, … Continue reading Rule by Decree in the United States

Coal wars: news from the frontline

NEWS FROM THE FRONTLINE OCTOBER 2020 It’s been another big month here on the climate frontlines. October began with another action disrupting work on Adani’s rail corridor – writer Ben Winch locking himself to a cattle grid on the road to Adani’s site and stopping work for five hours. Ben's action highlighted the disastrous waste … Continue reading Coal wars: news from the frontline

Minerals still determine who wins power in Qld

All that glitters is not gold - Shakespeare "The manOf virtuous soul commands not, nor obeys.Power, like a desolating pestilence,Pollutes whate'er it touches; and obedience,Bane of all genius, virtue, freedom, truth,Makes slaves of men, and of the human frameA mechanized automaton." - Percy Bysshe Shelley Queen Mab 1813 Caution: For all the people who received … Continue reading Minerals still determine who wins power in Qld

What now Labor Governs?

Why aren't we making our own electric cars at the old Ford and GM plants that brought Australia into the the long boom in the 50s and 60s? We even had a big car plant at Eagle Farm that could have been re-tooled to make electric vehicles. The major parties would not heed the warning to shift to an economy based on sustainable manufacture in a land awash with solar and wind energy. Why not?