Mama, where is Time?

High voltage lines bringing electricity from far away coal fired power stations and small boy wonders what sort of world he will live in as an adult.

What kind of world … ?
Small boy passes the common on the way to childcare and home every week. He loves to stop for a run on the way home, to see the windmill and call out to the cows and sheep. He also likes to spot butterflies and have short afternoon tea picnics here.

Small boy on Oxley Common

The electricity in those wires come from Millmeran … that Power Station won the Banksia Environmental Award 2006 in the water category because it uses sewerage water from Toowoomba to cool the turbines.

However it emits huge amounts of CO2! The market shorted the price of the electricity (artificial cost) and brought down the price of electricity to a million homes. Someone made a killing.

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Bee from Costa Rica

I used to work as a labourer at Millmeran loading wheat on railway trucks for export to China.

China is closing up shop, growing its own wheat and shutting down its coal fired power stations.

Where is time?

Small Boy: Mama, where is Time?

Mother: Time is in the 4th dimension – the things we can see have length, width and height – but then there is time, which we cannot see.

However we can see grains of sand fall through the hour glass.We can watch the hands of the clock move.

See this bee, it came all the way from Costa Rica and that it flew through both space and time, and that is why it is having a rest on the carpet.

Ian Curr
30 Oct 2020