Farhad, formerly in exile on Main Street, forcibly extracted from Queensland on eve of state election

Farhad at Kangaroo Point Hotel/Prison

Our friend Farhad has been taken from BITA, nobody knows where he is, and he is not responding to our messages.

Guards took him away suddenly and then returned for his things.

This is what they do in this system: they snatch them from their rooms, they handcuff them in the middle of the night and carry them out, they never tell them where their cage will be tomorrow.

It is torture.

Farhad and all our friends are in our thoughts, today as all days.

UPDATE: Farhad was handcuffed and forcibly transferred to high-security concentration camp known as Villawood, in so-called Sydney. Handcuffed for the entire flight. If you’re not ashamed of this colony you live in, get your head straight.

If you’re anywhere near there, or anywhere else in so-called Australia, get some friends together, make plans, mobilise and go fuck shit up.

Refugee Solidarity Meanjin

Farhad previously under detention on Main Street Kangaroo Point.

Andy (Paradigm Shift, 4ZZZ fm 102.1 Fridays at noon) interviews Farhad Rhamati a refugee from Iran who has been held at a detention centre in Brisbane CBD for 18 months. Farad tells the story of how he came to be here firstly under Labor’s 2013 policy of refusing entry and then under the Medivac Bill passed in the federal parliament in 2019. Now under Covid 19 he is locked up in Brisbane with other asylum seekers.

He tells the sad story of how he lost he friend Reza Berati murdered by G4S guards on Manus.

Who killed Reza Berati

Refugee Solidarity Meanjin supporters on the road out front of KP Prison

If you’re here, come show your rage Friday 30 October 2020 at 5pm at Emma Miller Place.