Brisbane screening of Gaza Fights for Freedom

Screen shot of NY Times video showing three Israeli snipers, one of whom killed Razan al-Najjar. It is likely that red spot fired the lethal shot that killed Razan. There was a petition to the UK parliament with over 8,000 signatures claiming that the killer may have been a British citizen with dual nationality.

This film documents a number of war crimes committed by Israelis during the ‘Great March of Return’. It details the murder of the young medic, Razan al-Najjar, attending the wounded on the Gaza strip. As far as I know no action has been taken by the international criminal court in the Hague.

According to the film, at first Israeli snipers were authorised to shoot militants on the Great March of Return, and when that did not subdue the Friday protests, Israel targetted the Press, and then children, and finally medics. All to no avail. The protests continued, their grievance: the violence of the occupation, remains.

I recommend this film but be aware it is not for the faint-hearted.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2020 AT 6 PM – 11:30 PM

Brisbane screening of Gaza Fights for Freedom
To be screened at Jagera Arts Centre 121 Cordelia Street South Brisbane (at the eastern end of Musgrave Park)
Directed, Written & Narrated by Abby Martin
Written & Produced by Mike Prysner
Lead Editor: Taylor Gill
Original Score: Anahedron (John Prysner)
Camera Operators: Asmaa Attia Hamad & Moaz Mousa
Field Producers: Abdulkareem Ajjour & Yousef Abd Al-Rahman Ghaben
Research Assistant: Tara Stone

The film is being put on by Justice for Palestine (Brisbane).