Assange and Jobs

Paradigm Shift 18 Sept 2020 - IAssange Extradition - Kristinn HrafnssonAssange is a member of the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) who spoke with Wikileakes editor, Kristinin H, about the new charges that the US has brought against Assange. Part II - Corey and Ian on what is a real jobIn this show … Continue reading Assange and Jobs

New extradition proceedings against Assange

Like several members of the newsroom, Julian Assange is a member of the MEAA, the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance. The MEAA supports Julian Assange, not only because he is a card-carrying member, but because of the important issues for journalism and the profound consequences for our profession that his case represents. The MEAA has … Continue reading New extradition proceedings against Assange