Lachlan Hurse on Solidarity with Palestine – APHEDA People

In the mid-1980s, Lachlan Hurse travelled across Latin America, where he saw first-hand both “the consequences of military dictatorships” in places like Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay, and “a very different sort of world” in countries like Nicaragua and Cuba. “That experience has driven me since then. At the same time, in 1982, there were the massacres … Continue reading Lachlan Hurse on Solidarity with Palestine – APHEDA People

Palestinian memorial at Byron Bay

Dear Activists for Palestine, The attached photo shows the breakwater armour rocks which could be transformed into memorials to Palestinians killed by the Israeli Occupation. The names of the deceased could be painted onto these man-made rocks and the breakwater declared a Palestinian memorial. In lieu of floral tributes appeals could be made for donations … Continue reading Palestinian memorial at Byron Bay

War on Journalism – Assange Extradition

Wikileakes and Manning revealed atrocities and murder by US governments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq is in a terrible situation as a result. Recently a Khmer Rouge leader from Cambodia has been indicted for similar atrocities in that country. Pol Pot has gone down in history as a genocidal maniac. Why not the US government … Continue reading War on Journalism – Assange Extradition