Facsimile Whale on Minjerribah

It is to be displayed in an 11 million dollar timber and glass cabinet on top of a grassy lightly timbered headland overlooking the coral sea forever tormented by humans who ogle, point and stare while his kin are free to roam north and south at will , with the seasons. - Mark Balczun in … Continue reading Facsimile Whale on Minjerribah

Idiot Wind – the West End Racketeer

"The students believe that our society develops continually an ethos of war, where values of love, sincerity, honesty and respect are sacrificed to a rule of thumb called expedience ..." - Brian LaverThe ‘West End Racketeer’ is a play on words.  The person concerned has long history of sexist and dishonest dealings with people taking … Continue reading Idiot Wind – the West End Racketeer

Wangan and Jagalingou blockade Adani mine

We have made it abundantly clear to the world — as we have been doing for some time — that when we say no, we mean no. We put our culture before coal. - Adrian Burragubba Last Thursday, senior cultural leader Adrian Burragubba issued Adani with an eviction notice, demanding the company cease and desist … Continue reading Wangan and Jagalingou blockade Adani mine