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Foco Nuevo streaming this Friday 7th August

Foco Nuevo Streaming on 7th August 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. To start, click HERE. During these uncertain times we are continuing to stream Foco Nuevo via our Jumping Fences Facebook page and we are pleased to again feature contributions from … Continue reading


Beirut has its own Hiroshima

While being an industrial accident, one cannot ignore the political,
social and military situation either. More than half of the people in
Lebanon live below the poverty line after a Ponzi scheme run by the
Central Bank crashed the Lebanese currency and economy. Government and
business corruption, warfare and Coronavirus epidemic have made the
country ungovernable, so there are bound to be serious breaches of
regulations, failures in reporting of dangerous substances, etc. And
given the violence in the region over many years, there are bound to
be all sorts of dangerous things stored everywhere without
accountability. This is a recipe for continuing disasters! (And one
can’t totally discount the possibilities of assassination and other
political things – next Friday a UN backed international tribunal will
deliver its verdict over four men related to Hizbullah who are accused
of planting the truck bomb that murdered the former Prime Minister
Rafic Hariri some 15 years ago. But the incident might be totally
unrelated to that.

Wikipedia has added this disaster to its timeline of major disasters
caused by self-sustaining decomposition, or SSD), of Ammonium nitrate
NPK fertilizers which has also been responsible for the loss of
several cargo ships.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ammonium_nitrate_disasters Continue reading