Climate Denial by Murdoch Press

The US Murdoch media empire has a hold over Australian life in every aspect.  In particular the Murdoch media voice is upholding subservience to the US military industrial complex and the constant US wars.

Just Peace and friends met at Bowen Hills this Saturday 4th July at 11:00am to protest against Murdoch’s climate denial.  They made sure they were keeping appropriate physical distancing  (1.5 m apart)   

The photo (in front of the News Ltd main office in Bowen Hills) were included with photos of rallies in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, in the webinar held later on Saturday afternoon, with Clinton Fernandez (Academic and ex-US military, Margie Beavis (Medical Association for Prevention of War), and Denis McNamara (Sydney building worker).

The webinar was held on Saturday 4th July 4:00pm and featured the following: