Radical Times in America

There is an uprising going on in the United States after police murdered George Floyd, an African American man living in Minneapolis. Some parallels exist with the rioting that went on after Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis in 1968. Not because George Floyd was a public figure like Dr King but because of the frustration felt by the community for ongoing racism. No political party in the US has come out attacking the root causes that stem from capitalism’s inability to deal with poverty, lack of public housing, mass incarceration, drug and alcohol abuse. Wall Street surely must crash.

Exile on Main Street – ‘Refugees are welcome here’

The Kangaroo Point Main Street Central Apartments in Brisbane houses about 120 refugees who hang banners off their balconies supported by protesters. In response the government attempted to extract the refugees. So protestors erected tents and camping gear to begin a blockade. Three demands were hastily put together: No forced transfers of refugeesAllow refugees day … Continue reading Exile on Main Street – ‘Refugees are welcome here’