Plane powered by electric engine

How much coal or oil is burnt to provide the electricity to power private companies to take to the air? How much government subsidy do they get? Who made the engines? Under what employment conditions? These are only a few questions that come to mind when reading claims that:

Zero-emission, low-cost regional flights with just eight other sanitized folk and a disinfected pilot! Yes, Covid-19 is warping our view of the future but the successful electrically-powered maiden flight of a Cessna Caravan last week offers the potential for new modes of transport to support a wider economic recovery in Australia.”

“The plane’s successful half-hour, 160km test flight used less than US$6 worth of electricity. Compare that to a Cessna Caravan powered by a conventional combustion engine which would have sucked up some US$300-400 worth of fuel. As Ganzarski pointed out, the motor requires very little maintenance compared to its gas-guzzling cousins, just as with electric cars.” – Australian Greens politics, news and discussion

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