Fight to Live, Live to Fight

Poor people are often the subjects of theft and rip offs. supermarkets, banks, landlords, casinos and telco’s would be high on the list of thieves. How many of them pay tax?

Capitalism survives on state subsidies. Not that the Australian Treasury would tell us but corporate Australia do not pay tax.

All of these subsidies are on the back of the average wage earner.

The initiative to house the homeless in hotels has been targeted mostly at “rough sleepers”, of whom there are more than 8,000 in Australia. Now governments are trying to chuck people back on the streets. Some are resisting probably hoping for a couple of more weeks in the warm before the bailiff, coppers and court orders arrive.

So this is no solution to the Covid-19 emergency, merely a means to keep the cogs of capitalism turning.

Ian Curr
Paradigm Shift
4ZZZ fm 102.1
Fridays at Noon
10 June 2020