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Plane powered by electric engine

How much coal or oil is burnt to provide the electricity to power private companies to take to the air? How much government subsidy do they get? Who made the engines? Under what employment conditions? These are only a few … Continue reading


Fight to Live, Live to Fight

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Poor people are often the subjects of theft and rip offs. supermarkets, banks, landlords, casinos and telco’s would be high on the list of thieves. How many of them pay tax? Capitalism survives on state subsidies. Not that the Australian … Continue reading


Rebellion on the inside and cruel sanctions against developing nations by the U.S. during Covid-19 pandemic

They’re quieter than usual. They seem focused, it’s the last minutes of a time in your lives you won’t forget. The queue for the air office is moving fast. Malpensa airport in Milan is not operating to the fullest of … Continue reading