Institutional racism in Qld prisons system?

  1. Why are there so few aboriginal people employed in the Qld Prison System?
  2. Does the recent 700 page Qld Productivity Commission report on recidivism address this issue? If not, why not?
  3. Does the Qld Prison system suffer from institutional racism?
    – Questions to former Qld prisons boss, Keith Hamburger.

Aboriginal Imprisonment and Recidivism

In 2018 the Queensland government ordered Queensland Productivity Commission (QPC) to compile a report on imprisonment and recidivism by . The 700 page report says 30% of the prison population are indigenous.

Why are there so few indigenous people working in the prison system?

I can see no proper discussion of lack of aboriginal workers in the QPC report. Why? How is ‘restorative justice’ possible with such poor aboriginal representation working in a prison system.

Is this another example of institutional racism? Why is this not addressed in the QPC report?

Dr John Jiggens interviews former prison boss, Keith Hamburger, about restorative justice in the prison system.

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