Memorial for our Lost Ones

Kurilpa Point next to GOMA Thursday at 1 PM – 6 PM

Some of the Senior Sovereign Goori Djoons feel in their own Homelands, where they have suffered the loss of many of their Loved Ones, their voices are not heard and the fight for justice gets drowned out by the Affluent, Assimilated & Privileged..

We are coming together at Kurilpa Park to have a Memorial in Solidarity against Systemic Abuses, Stolen Lands Stolen Lives & Especially raising Awareness about Suicides in Communities, Police Brutality, Children Removed & Army Lockdowns.

We will be having Speeches, Smokin’, Cooboree Laying Wreaths & Flowers along the Meeanjin River tomorrow Afternoon… & then Supper at Musgrave Park

Today at 1 PM – 6 PM Starts in about 3 hours · 22°C Partly Cloudy
Kurilpa Point Montague Road, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4101