Free the Refugees on Main Street!

The men held here in detention have committed no crime by seeking asylum and are genuine refugees. Under international law they should be given refugee status and released into the community…

Memorial for our Lost Ones

Kurilpa Point next to GOMA Thursday at 1 PM – 6 PM Some of the Senior Sovereign Goori Djoons feel in their own Homelands, where they have suffered the loss of many of their Loved Ones, their voices are not heard and the fight for justice gets drowned out by the Affluent, Assimilated & … Continue reading Memorial for our Lost Ones

Black Lives Matter

The democratic rights struggle in the late 1970s won back rights to assemble, march and organise. There are posters circulating on social media regarding the Blak Lives Matter rally and march in Brisbane's King George Square this Saturday. The poster (pictured below) appears to refer to laws in NSW. Different laws apply in Queensland.