Foco Nuevo in June

Foco Nuevo Live-Streaming on 5th June 8pm.
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Hosted by Unity Production.

Undeterred by COVID-19, Foco Nuevo continues! Our June concert brings together contributions from three Cuban musicians to create a Foco Nuevo like we’ve never had before.

This month’s guests include Alex Mendez in Copenhagen, Heidi Igualada in Havana and Frank Gonzalez in New Jersey, US.We first met Alex, Frank and Heidi in 1996 during a three month visit to Havana, where we discovered a new generation of singer/songwriters emerging out of the grim days following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent devastating impact on the Cuban economy.
Since those days our friendship and respect for these musicians has continued to grow. We are excited that they are finally able to join us for Foco Nuevo.We hope you can tune in.

Sue and Lachlan

Lachlan, Sue and Frank in Northern Mexico, December, 2007.

Heidi Igualada at ‘Ella y Yo’ Festival Havana, June, 2018.5Sue, Alex and Lachlan, Copenhagen, December, 2003.|