Letter from America – will Democrats dump sleepy Joe?

“There is only one party in the United States, the Property Party … and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat. ” – Gore Vidal.

With unemployment over 20 million, the pandemic about to claim 100,000 lives and a country divided, the Democratic and Republican parties are set to run candidates for president in 2020. Sanders trounced Biden in the CNN primary debate, on climate change, on medicare, on Covid-19, and on social security.

The Left in the US is not happy with the way the Democrats dumped Elizabeth Warren and then Sanders using Covid 19 as a cover. We post this interesting take on the US Presidential Elections in November from Peter Gray from the Radical Times Archive – “Collect, Preserve, and Share“.

Even if the Democratic Party does not adopt the tactics Peter Grey talks about below, it says a lot about how poorly and how undemocratic, the practice of politics is in the USA. – Ed.


It has crossed my mind that the DNC might wheel out Hillary Clinton at the 11th hour and push her forward as their nominee for president to run against Trump in November. The DNC has the power to do that even though it would be an undemocratic appointment. There are early indicators to suggest this sort of maneuver may possibly be getting underway. In any case, it seems Clinton is positioning herself to be ready to jump into the fray should the opportunity arise.

In recent television appearances, Hillary appears way more competent, articulate, and presidential than the pathetic Biden. They appeared together in a virtual town hall billed as a “Women’s Town Hall on Covid-19” and it looks like Biden fell asleep sitting up for a portion of the broadcast while Hillary was rambling on. “Sleepy Joe” indeed…..as Trump refers to him. On the other hand, maybe Biden was just referring to his notes with eyes down cast for extended periods. It would not be the first time social media has gone nuts about nothing.

However, other things are much clearer. So far the corporate-controlled media does not breathe a word about Biden’s cognitive decline, not so much as a peep. Obviously deliberate policy; not coincidence. Biden’s dementia is the world’s best kept secret yet it is obvious to everyone. The Emperor has no clothes with a twist.

In a similar way, most of the main-stream media have ignored the Tara Reade rape allegation for as long as they could get away with it (about 40 days). When the likes of CNN and MSNBC finally addressed the sexual misconduct allegation, they quickly glossed over the story insisting it needed no further attention. Out of sight; out of mind. It remains to be seen if this allegation has been successfully swept under the rug … or not. Perhaps significantly, there is an atypical amount of what appears to be solid corroborating evidence compared to other cases like this. So the jury is still out on this one ….. not that anything conclusive will likely be ever established. Voters will draw their own conclusions.

Since Biden is untenable as a presidential candidate, I speculate something like the following might happen. Just as the DNC can turn the switch off, they can throw the switch the other way and have the media start talking about poor old Joe’s dementia. But in a sympathetic and compassionate way. We can all commiserate about Biden’s declining health while singing Joe’s praises. Poor Joe, but he was a great American ….. sniffle, sniffle. This sets the stage.

Then we could wake up one morning to find that Joe has suddenly dropped out of the race, most likely shortly before the DNC convention in Milwaukee in the third week of August. This will of course be preceded by secret DNC back-room wheeling and dealing, possibly followed up by one of Obama’s famous phone calls. Suddenly no more Biden and it will all seem perfectly natural that he is gone.

Biden has already fulfilled an important imperative for the DNC by being the vehicle used to “destroy” Bernie Sanders and neutralize his progressive campaign. A surprisingly easy task as it turned out. A powerful campaign that failed catastrophically right at the point where it really could have made a profound difference. The movement’s substantial political capital painstakingly built up over four years evaporated virtually overnight.

It wont be easy to pull off this sleight-of-hand but the flowery-tongued DNC is good at executing this type of confidence trick. They are skilled at shifting pubic perception to justify their self-serving point of view. They have three months to pull this off, an eternity in political time scales. The DNC is arrogantly self-assured that they alone know what is best for their supporters and the country. Just as they are sure the progressive Left is a rabble of half-crazed, trouble-making riff-raff and half-baked idealists that deserves their utter contempt and condemnation because they have supposedly lost touch with reality (meaning their reality).

It is clear that a large proportion of the Left, especially the progressive Left, would respond in utter horror to a Hillary nomination ….. presumably with the loss, en masse, of their collective support at the polls. Although it seems unlikely, some pundits (including Douglas MacKinnon) have floated the idea Clinton could run for President with Obama as her Vice President. Apparently that is allowed by the constitution although I imagine it would be disputed. And I have no idea if Barack Obama would be interested although he is stalwart supporter of the DNC and one of its central and most powerful figures. So he might be convinced to do it for the sake of the Party. A variation on this would be to have former First Lady, Michelle Obama, run on the ticket as Vice President. This could be an even better strategy because she has name recognition, she is popular, and her name is untarnished. Plus she is a Black woman, the very thing the DNC is looking for.

So lets just say either one of the Obamas was to become Clinton’s running mate, then that may drawn some of the Left voters back into the DNC fold. That would soften the blow of the outrageousness of pushing Hillary into the lime light again. And I guess it really could be a winning ticket against Trump given his mishandling of the pandemic with the country side littered with the bodies of tens of thousands of dead Americans, soon to be hundreds of thousands. Not to mention the seeming inevitability of the economy going completely in the toilet.

I’m assuming the DNC will be forced to replace Biden as their candidate in the presidential race. If they don’t, I believe the Democrats are almost certain to lose because Biden is the ideal target for Trump and the Republicans to massacre. Putty in their hands. Especially where discussion of actual policy is minimally addressed which is likely to be the case. Biden will be defeated by lies and innuendo alone. And the Democrats don’t seem to have the first clue about how to fight back effectively against attacks of any kind, outrageous or otherwise.

The bizarre thing is the DNC doesn’t seem to care if they lose the general election in November. Are they really trying to de-throne Trump? They could not be doing a better job setting themselves up to lose if they were doing it on purpose.

Peter Gray
18 May 2020
Radical Times Archive
Collect, Preserve, and Share

One thought on “Letter from America – will Democrats dump sleepy Joe?

  1. Memo from jefferson lee says:


    Memo from jeffersonlee:

    This is an important video in explaining how the entire USA Left got succoured into the plot by the USA Liberal Establishment into going along with the now exposed “Russiagate” conspiracy designed and expanded. by anti-Trump elements in the FBI and the American Intelligence elite who initially wanted to get rid of retired General Flynn who advised AGAINST USA support for anti Assad Forces in Syria on the grounds it would help ISIS gain ground of their own (which is what happened).

    The Defence and Arms industry opposed Flynn and got Obama and The Democratic party on side to back the Russian interference in USA 2016 election conspiracy under Mueller.

    Instead of the American Left focusing on their good campaigns over health care, women’s rights and black lives matter they just took a knee-jerk anti Trump position over the “Russian interference in USA domestic politics” line between 2017-2020 BEFORE the evidence was substantiated.

    Like me they fell in behind the USA Liberal Establishment in the media like MicroSoft-NBC (MSNBC) in ridiculing Trump’s defence that his links with the Russians did not amount to collaborating over 2016 election. With Fox media and Murdoch here in Oz pushing the other way, the Left gave up campaigning on working class issues and through their support behind the liberal elites campaign.

    Now Flynn has been virtually exhonerated and release the Democrats are exposed as being behind The Steele inquiry’s lies with more to come.

    If Trump is vindicated then he will recover from Corona virus popularity drop and the Left is flat-footed in November poll. Biden will be discredited over “Russiagate” that the Right wing and Fox News are calling “Obamacare”.

    Goodbye climate change survival and welcome a nuclear exchange with China?

    As I said this interview is well worth watching after the first ten minutes of clowning around.

    Unfortunately the left media icons like Democracy Now cannot face the reality here and admitted they were wrong for knee-jerk anti-Trumpism over “Russia gate”.
    Tuesday morning may 19 2020.

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