Who should I vote for in November?

“There is only one party in the United States, the Property Party … and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat. ” – Gore Vidal.

Adapted from Photo illustration: Elise Swain/The Intercept; photos: Getty Images (3)

The Democratic and Republican parties are set to run candidates for president in 2020 who have been accused by women of sexually assaulting them.

We post this interesting take on the US Presidential Elections from Peter Gray from the Radical Times Archive – “Collect, Preserve, and Share“.

The article poses a dilemma for the Left in the United States. – Ed.


The dilemma for the progressive Left is who to vote for in the national election in November. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) would have us believe it is now a Democrat’s moral duty to close ranks to ensure Trump is not elected by voting for Biden. This is based on the spurious notion that Biden will be inherently or intrinsically better than Trump.

Since Biden is to the right of Trump on many important issues this doesn’t make much sense to the Left. Hence the dilemma. Biden does not support a single progressive policy. Not even in words let alone potentially in deeds if elected. Why should the Left be somehow “morally bound” to vote for Biden? Especially after the DNC has mercilessly destroyed the popular progressive movement and everything it stands for through elaborate skullduggery and back-room deals.

So now we are expected to lick our wounds and give the DNC a helping hand in their hour of need? We were ordered to vote for their unpopular candidate in 2016. We are told HOW to vote rather than the Party earning our vote. That is completely upside down.

About three-quarters of disenfranchised progressives did as they were told in 2016 by gritting their teeth and voting for Hillary. What is happening now is essentially the same election-losing strategy the DNC ran on in 2016 ….. the notion that having Trump continue as president is unthinkable. The DNC is about to repeat the same failed strategy again in 2020.

They ran with a weak candidate in 2016 and now (it appears) with a similarly weak, perhaps worse, candidate in 2020. They run on some sort of abstract moral-outrage against the concept of Trump as president and not on clear and decisive policies. I fully expect the DNC to doggedly repeat this same strategy in the hope it will be different this time. But this time around it could be different, very different.

It wont be so easy to coopt the Left vote again. Once bitten twice shy. We are told we have to vote for the lesser of two evils. This is nonsensical from a Left perspective since Biden and Trump are both disasters for the political and economic health of the country. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are both right-wing parties serving the interests of corporate America and the wealthy.

As the two parties cycle back and forth in power and leadership through the decades, very little changes and certainly nothing changes on a fundamental level. The Republicans are more blunt and blatant, while the Democrats are more subtle (silver tongued and deceitful) but the end result is much the same.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is a private corporation beholden to itself. It is under no obligation to follow its own rules. Thus their rules and policies change constantly to suit their political agenda at any given time.

The DNC is inherently undemocratic. It is a thinly disguised lobby group reflecting the political bias and aspirations of its leadership. There is no question the DNC wields great power and influence over liberals and moderates, the people who identify as being Democrats.

Biden has been sold to Democrats as the only candidate able to beat Trump. How ironic is that? In my view, he is close to being the least likely to beat Trump. In any case, Biden is the presumptive nominee. His nomination wont be confirmed until the convention in Milwaukee in the third week of August.

The DNC can still replace Biden with whoever they consider to be a stronger, more viable candidate to serve their interests. This, of course, will happen behind closed doors. I’m half expecting Biden to be replace since he is already close to being untenable as a Democratic candidate. A situation that is likely to grow worse in time. This is because of dementia, extensive political baggage, and alleged sexual misconduct.

The Republicans have not even started their attack on Biden yet. They are likely to make mince meat of him, and relatively easily. Their attacks will be on a more personal or abstract level without the need to debate policy. It is likely to degenerate into a circus in which Biden will do poorly. This could easily undermine his election chances meaning Trump will win. This strategy worked with Hillary by creating scandals out of nothing, so why not with Biden?

Of course, meaningful elections are a complete fraud in this country because they are entirely manipulated on every level. Elections are not democratic in the sense they reflect the will of a majority of the people. Far from it, it is closer to the exact opposite. If this is any consolation, this lets progressives off the hook to some extent. They don’t have to resolve the irresolvable dilemma at the voting booth. They don’t have to feel guilty voting for or against Biden or Trump because it makes absolutely no difference what the general population thinks about most things. A dose of reality. Who should I vote for in November…..the devil I know or the devil I know?

Trump, the more blatant right-winger, or Biden who pushes a similar right-wing agenda but in a more deceitful way. I almost prefer Trump because he is less politically astute than Biden who is a snake in the grass by comparison. Biden of course is just a puppet for the DNC and that organization, in turn, is a puppet for Corporate America who pays everyone handsomely to do their bidding.

But of course, I could never bring myself to vote for Trump because the rationale of voting for the lesser of two evils is a complete con. False logic. A convenient lie. It is a false premise because it makes no sense whatsoever to anyone with a progressive outlook and with any notion of the greater good for the majority of people. We are left with a so-called choice that is really no choice at all. I fail to see the so-called advantages to the Left in a Biden presidency.

I see a lot of myths to that effect but when push comes to shove the two parties are essentially the same. The bottom line is the same. They both fully support the establishment without question. What is different about them is their tactics are very different. Republican tactic are more like hitting you over the head with a hammer vis-a-vis heavily-armed MAGA vigilantes standing shoulder to shoulder outside Michigan’s legislative chamber recently. That is about as subtle as a sledge hammer.

It will come as no surprise that Michigan has a woman Democratic governor who Trump does not get along with because she doesn’t readily kowtow to his bullshit. By contrast, the Democrat’s tactics are far more disarming because they are much more sneaky. They are highly skilled at creating the illusion they are working-class heroes while stabbing you in the back.

Peter Gray
Radical Times
May 2020