Where do Australian state schools come from?

The answer to this question is trickier than I thought. Here is an excellent answer by Craig Campbell, PhD DipEd University of Sydney. The corollary to this question is why have governments since Menzies so heavily funded private schools? - Ed. East Brisbane State School, Wooloongabba, Brisbane. __oOo__ Public and private in Australian schooling Australia, … Continue reading Where do Australian state schools come from?

Brisbane Metro going green in Kurilpa?

As the covid-19 curve flattens and people get back in their cars why should a publicly funded institutions like GoMA, the state library of Queensland and the art gallery support 48 thousand cars going past there door daily? Worse still why would they support more cars being able to contest the limited space in Stanley Place with public transport? All council has done is to promise a green bridge and to make the Grey Street Bridge a dirty bridge.