May First General Strike in United States

Poster from strike call on West Coast

Corporate America is making money during Covid-19. In April, Wall Street had their best month since 1974, and the Australian stock market had its best monthly performance – ever!

From outside the ring, Noam Chomsky is saying the US is a failed state. Some people are making a lot of money in Trumps America. Governors have released Covid-19 restrictions in some states.

On the inside of mainstream politics, Bernie Sanders capitulated to Biden after one call from Obama! I think both Sanders and Obama are wrong, they could beat Trump if Bernie had run in November because Biden is both right wing and a nincompoop. But even if they do … how does that help the workers with corporate america determined to profit from this health and financial crisis.

According to US treasury statistics, thirty (30) million workers in the US have filed for unemployment benefits. That is one in five workers, that’s not a recession, that’s a depression if it lasts through the year!

Syndicalists have called for one day strikes in the US starting today, 1st May on international workers day. Their demands are quite modest:

“The #GeneralStrike has five demands:

(1) Protection from Covid-19

(2) Safe Housing.

(3) Living Wages.

(4) Medicare for All.

(5) Equal Education.

We would add a sixth urgent demand – saving the postal service.” –

Employees of Amazon, Whole Foods, Walmart, FedEx, Target and Instacart will walk off the job demanding compensation for unpaid time off work, hazard pay, sick leave, personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies at workplaces. Many of the workers are part of a growing coalition that will join a May 1 People’s Strike launched by worker cooperatives in Mississippi. This is Kali Akuno, co-director of Cooperation Jackson.

Kali Akuno: “We’re asking everybody to start with these basics: no work, no shopping, no rent, no mortgage, no school, no borders, no prisons. Right? Let us all take joint action together.”

Ian Curr
1 May 2020