Child care workers on $5.99/hr

Recently the Federal government announced its #freechildcare policy. This has privately owned child care facility at Coorparoo upset because it means a reduction in funding. All this comes under the radar because of Covid-19. Is the government using Covid-19 restrictions placed on educational facilities as a cover? You wouldn't put it past them. Subsidies to … Continue reading Child care workers on $5.99/hr

May First General Strike in United States

Poster from strike call on West Coast Corporate America is making money during Covid-19. In April, Wall Street had their best month since 1974, and the Australian stock market had its best monthly performance - ever! From outside the ring, Noam Chomsky is saying the US is a failed state. Some people are making a … Continue reading May First General Strike in United States

Foco Nuevo live stream on May Day

ReminderFoco Nuevo Live-Streaming Tonight MAY 1st! 8pm. To start, click HERE.  If you have trouble seeing the stream, scroll down and click on 'See All Posts' Hosted by Unity Production. In lieu of our regular monthly Foco Nuevo concert Jumping Fences will live-stream a collection of our original songs celebrating May 1st, the international day of … Continue reading Foco Nuevo live stream on May Day