Radical wins in West End

The Lizard, West End Brisbane

Congratulations Jonathan Sri in the Gabba Ward in Brisbane Council elections. After preferences were allocated Jonathan Sri has won over 68% of the vote. He has made the Gabba Ward a safe seat for the greens. This is a resounding win for radical politics, for Jonno’s hard work and the organised support of a core group of people.

Based on sentiment expressed by voters in this electorate, Jonathan Sri would win against Labor’s deputy premier Jacki Trad in South Brisbane at the coming state election. If that what he wanted to do councillor Sri would defeat Ms Trad and become the second Green MP to be elected to the Queensland parliament.

Jonathan Sri has contested South Brisbane before, in 2015, when he received a creditable 21.85% of the vote. With similar boundaries and based on last weekend’s result he would obtain nearly half the primary vote, enough to win comfortably against the the deputy Premier who nearly lost to Amy McMahon (Greens) in the last state election.

In the past 15 years, Trad, and Anna Bligh before her, has helped open up South Brisbane to developers. Trad supported the infamous West Village development on Boundary. As a result house prices and rents have shot up driving the poor out. Homelessness is on the rise. Unplanned high rise has sprung up everywhere. There was little infrastructure to support the population increase making it necessary to extend West End Primary and build a new high school at Dutton Park. Parents moving into apartments in order to secure a place for their children at State High may be in for a disappointment.

Residents are unhappy especially since Trad has been accused of corruption over purchase of property near the cross-river rail station in the Gabba and influencing the selection of the new Principal at Dutton Park.

The LNP went backwards in Brisbane in this election. LNP Mayor Schrinner had a 6% swing against him despite a lacklustre campaign by recently recruited ALP candidate, Pat Condren.

The only message Condren could deliver was that Schrinner gets a tax free expenses account of $100,000. Wake up Labor, so do all executives of corporate Queensland! There was a swing towards Cath Angus for the Greens.

There is a strong swing against the LNP in the conservative seat (Currumbin) in a by-election held on the same day.

You can’t trust the LNP or the ALP!

It may be time for an independent radical voice in Queensland parliament. Rob Pyne (Ind) filled that role in the last parliament and as a result corruption in local government was exposed an act to decriminalise abortion was introduced.

Rob Pyne has won a councillor position in Cairns exposing his critics who passed him off as a lightweight.

Councillor Sri is young and hard-working but most important he has a radical agenda in times where the centre has failed. Jonathan Sri has established the need for good city planning, not for the profit of a few.

Ian Curr
1 April 2020

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