The Toilet Paper Election

It is a grim irony that sacked Ipswich councillor Paul Tully has won another term in local government in Queensland. After 38 years in the job Tully was seen handing out toilet paper at local railway stations to buy more votes.

Qld government medical officer, Jeanette Young, seemed tired when asked why the election has proceeded given the Covid 19 pandemic world-wide. Only in Queensland has a medical officer claimed that there has been no community transmission of this contagious disease.

With 20.14% of the vote counted Tully appears to have come back from the dead. This despite being grilled by the State’s Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC).

20.14% of the vote counted in Div 2 in Ipswich

In his book Maaate Bernie Dowling recounts Tully’s evidence before the CCC:

In particular, he recounts how Cr Tully tried to explain to the CCC about two bank accounts being used for donations, one was a dedicated account and one was not.

Mr Dowling said his book details how the CCC found Cr Tully’s operation of a dedicated bank account was in breach of the Local Government Election Act.

The CCC didn’t refer Tully to the ECQ for prosecution because the date of the breach was more than 12 months old and the legislation only allowed a 12 month time limit to start prosecutions and because the breach was “systemic in nature”.

Dowling notes that Cr Pisasale and Cr Tully were members of the Labor party and were investigated to see if they had worked as a group, which wasn’t declared.

“Ipswich was the epicentre of the whole enquiry,” he said.

As they say in Ipswich, “No tales past Gailes”.

Do people even care about corruption?

Ian Curr
29 March 2020