All at sea – prisoners on the Grand Princess petri dish

The Crew’s Union Rights & Health & Safety

The contaminated Grand Princess ship is now docked in the Port of Oakland. While the passengers are being evacuated the crew is being told that they are be quarantined out at sea when the passengers are evacuated. With the ship now a petri dish similar to the Diamond Princess in Okinawa will these crew members now be sent out on a death ship leaving many of them to die at sea? California Governor Newsom at a press conference on the evacuation of the ship said he was only concerned about the passengers even when pressed by reporters about the right to evacuation by the crew. This is the question that was addressed by former ITF Port Agent Jack Heyman who is a retired member of ILWU Local 10. He discusses the labor rights of the crew including the right to be repatriated to their country. Over 500 of the workers are Filipinos and the racist attacks by Pence and Trump aimed at workers in other countries is connected to how these workers are being treated according to Jack Heyman.


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