The Iron Heel

The following two pages are from a report on how two Italian workers responded under the fascist dictatorship. [Luisa Passerini, 'Work Ideology and Consensus under Italian fascism,' History Workshop, no. 8, Autumn 1979, pp. 82-108.] There is no suggestion that millions of Italians across twenty-two years behaved like this pair. The reason for circulating their … Continue reading The Iron Heel

The Toilet Paper Election

It is a grim irony that sacked Ipswich councillor Paul Tully has won another term in local government in Queensland. After 38 years in the job Tully was seen handing out toilet paper at local railway stations to buy more votes. Paul Tully handing out toilet paper in Qld local government elections. Qld government medical … Continue reading The Toilet Paper Election

Not so free to choose

Free to Choose by Milton and Rose Freidman maintains that the free market works best for all members of a society, provides examples of how the free market engenders prosperity, and maintains that it can solve problems where other approaches have failed. - Wikipedia Democracy & Local Government Elections 2020Andy picks out some radical election … Continue reading Not so free to choose

Letter from Italy on Covid 19

***STOP PRESS*** Latest Covid 19 (more positive) news is that: The Russian army has sent medical teams and equipment to help Italy;Venezuela has also sent medical teams to Italy despite experiencing great difficulties as a result of ongoing US sanctions; and, as you know,Cuba has sent a team of 36 doctors, 15 nurses and logistic experts to … Continue reading Letter from Italy on Covid 19

Covid 19 testing

Based on the reports from Iceland health departments need to mail out tests for Covid 19 to everyone … a bit like the Australian test for bowel cancer. People then all mail back the swab and they test it. They develop then and accurate database using the addresses of those returning the test … it … Continue reading Covid 19 testing

Vale Don Burrows

One of Australia's most celebrated musicians, Don Burrows, has died aged 92. I first heard Don Burrows playing live jazz in the Basement with Kevin Hunt and Johnny Nicole at the old Telecom exchange in Ann Street Brisbane CBD. After that I saw him play with Kevin Hunt (on piano) at Chandler auditorium. Two great … Continue reading Vale Don Burrows

Social Contagion – microbiological class war in China

They say the Plague ended Feudalism, will Covid 19 end Capitalism? WBT reprints this article by 闯 Chuǎng. 闯 Chuǎng is "the image of a horse breaking through a gate. Meaning: To break free; To attack, charge; To break through, force one’s way in or out; To act impetuously. 闯关 (chuǎngguān): to run a blockade. … Continue reading Social Contagion – microbiological class war in China

Latest on Covid 19

Monday 23rd of March 2020 Centrelink minister claims the mygov site is under cyber attack and that's why the 95,000 people who are trying to access New Start payments have been rejected by the computers presuming it is a cyber attack. An eight-year-old boy next door has been left alone by his single parent mum … Continue reading Latest on Covid 19

Bruce Pascoe – 'cartwheels turned up tubers'

Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 Fridays at noon - 12pm Fri 20 Mar 2020 "Ian (sic) Curr noticed that his cartwheels turned up tubers. As he brought the first vehicle into the plains south of the Echuca, his cartwheels turned up bushels of tubers. Once again, some of Australia's best soils were almost bereft of trees. The plains having been … Continue reading Bruce Pascoe – 'cartwheels turned up tubers'

Developers set to destroy Deebing Creek

"Native title is not Land Rights and Reconciliation is not Justice” – Gary Foley at Sam Watson’s funeral 6 December 2019. People are fighting a rear guard action at Deebing Creek. Will no one help them? In the lead up to the Ipswich council elections WBT publishes this story from the first nations people at … Continue reading Developers set to destroy Deebing Creek

Australia's 'Uranium Decision'

And so I've reluctantly instructed the blokes here to follow Federation and ACTU policy and load the shipment of yellow-cake. And I'd like to ask you people, who've done a wonderful job these last few days in maintaining the picket, to step aside and let the train through please." The rest was a formality. Some … Continue reading Australia's 'Uranium Decision'

Independent Media and Democratic Rights

WBT publishes this important debate about Independent media from 1977. Has anything really changed since then? Only four (4) months after this forum the state government banned political street marches and public assembly.MEDIA INTEGRITY Mr Bruce Dickson, speaking at a recent forum at the University of Queensland said that many current affairs programs were not … Continue reading Independent Media and Democratic Rights

Why to vote radical in local government elections

Not Just Any Old Council Election: Thinking Globally and Acting Locally in the Gabba Ward Cities shape every aspect of our lives, but ordinary citizens have very little power to influence the design and governance of our cities. Any movement to fundamentally change society has to be able to transform the local institutions that … Continue reading Why to vote radical in local government elections

Heritage council does a terrible ‘cut and paste job’

On the 6th March 2020, three months after my written request on 9 December 2019 (below) for a statement of reasons from the Heritage Council for why they failed to heritage list the UQ Union complex, I received these two letters. 2019 walking tour of UQ Union Complex The statement of reasons is one the … Continue reading Heritage council does a terrible ‘cut and paste job’

Chelsea Manning would rather die than be coerced

Play “Love Me or Leave Me,” by the great Bud Powell,Play “The Blood-Stained Banner,” play “Murder Most Foul.” - Bob Dylan The US Attorney may have trouble proving a case against Assange without Manning's testimony.Last Thursday afternoon, a District Court judge in Virginia ordered that Chelsea Manning be released from jail, where she has been … Continue reading Chelsea Manning would rather die than be coerced

Celebrate World Poetry Day – postponed for health and safety reasons

The Italian theatre group Danteatro and choir Unicoro (both based at the Brisbane Dante Alighieri Society),  in collaboration with Lesley Synge and Reload Espresso Bar, present:       VOCI - VOICES: Italy in poetry and song (in English and Italian)             at Reload Espresso Bar, 9 Chrome St, Salisbury   … Continue reading Celebrate World Poetry Day – postponed for health and safety reasons

All at sea – prisoners on the Grand Princess petri dish

The Crew's Union Rights & Health & Safety The contaminated Grand Princess ship is now docked in the Port of Oakland. While the passengers are being evacuated the crew is being told that they are be quarantined out at sea when the passengers are evacuated. With the ship now a petri dish similar to the … Continue reading All at sea – prisoners on the Grand Princess petri dish

Defending Forests

Paradigm Shift, community radio 4ZZZ FM 102.1, Fridays at noon on 13th of March 2020 . This week we catch up on forest blockading around the country - hearing from direct action campaigns to protect native forests in the Tarkine in Tasmania, in the central highlands of Victoria, and at Helms in South-West Australia. reading Defending Forests

Corona virus detection and prevention

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – CORONAVIRUS. Guangdong Province, China, sent the following notes onCoronavirus for guidance (received March 2020): 1. If you have a runny nose and sputum, you probably have a common cold. COVID 19 virus is a single strand Ribose Nucleic Acid surrounded by a lipid layer that is vulnerable to soap 2. Coronavirus pneumonia … Continue reading Corona virus detection and prevention

Portrait of a Woman on Fire

Portrait of a Woman on Fire: Céline Sciamma 13 Mar 2020 – 25 Mar 2020 | GOMA | Cinema A An exciting voice in contemporary French cinema, filmmaker Céline Sciamma approaches themes of gender fluidity, adolescence and love in a gentle and authentic way. Sciamma received widespread critical acclaim for her coming-of-age trilogy (Water Lilies … Continue reading Portrait of a Woman on Fire

Vale Rhodes Hart

Rhodes Hart (1953 to 2020). Rhodes has been an important part of the movement for change in Brisbane over the past 40 years. He was a scientist – working both in developing groundbreaking research in earthquake studies, and more recently astronomical work in Toowoomba. He was a scholar – studying and writing on topics as … Continue reading Vale Rhodes Hart

No Wonerland for Alice

The Brisbane women's movement has been paralyzed by this debate over the past three years. Why? IWD rallies have been split and dwarfed in size. IWD Celebrations became a confrontation in 2018 with epithets like 'transphobic' being tossed around. On 8th March this year, I attended the one called IWD Brisbane (Meanjin) rally at Roma Street forum where only 70 people turned up; whereas over 1,500 had come out in the same place in 2018 and marched through the streets of Brisbane. In 2020 there was no march.

Killing by Drones

Satellites to measure the rising sea,Satellites to guide killer drones,Satellites tracking birds on the wing,Satellites watching every moving thing. - Jumping Fences "Satellites" Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) presents this update on the use of drones to kill people opposed to US imperialism. Andrew & Bevan from (IPAN) feature in this podcast about US … Continue reading Killing by Drones

Is radical change possible?

This week (6 March 2020) the Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ fm 102.1 Fridays at noon) looks at radical change in local government. There is a is a discussion with Jonathan Sri the councillor for the Gabba ward. We cover his background, the fight against developers, radical community engagement, Democratic Rights, Land Rights, Justice for Deebing Creek, Housing and Child Safety.

Vale Lew Wyvill

Lew Wyvill and others like him came from that generation that served in World War II who came back from war with higher expectations of civil society. Lew joined the Royal Australian Air Force in 1944, saw no active service outside Australia but had friends who did. It is not romance to say they looked after each other after the war.

Still stateless

The strange story of Cornelia Rau has surfaced again, this time in the form of an ABC drama. Its on Sunday nights and on ABC iView. The first episode screened on Sunday 1st of March 2020. It's worthwhile watching … I wonder how many people who were in the Baxter and Woomera detention centres … Continue reading Still stateless