No War on Iran

Not a good start to the decade. All the money from Iraqi oil is in the hands of the United States. Oil is central to Iraq’s present and future.

Oil accounts for 99% of all government revenue. Along with existing reserves of 143 billion barrels (5th in the world) it is estimated there are 50 to 200 billion barrels yet to be discovered making it the largest unexplored market in the world.” – ABC, The Conversation.

Currently both Iran and the US are exerting influence over Iraq. Since the invasion in 2003, all the money from the oil goes through the Bank of America. The US is trickle feeding some proceeds to the Iraqi government.

However much of the infrastructure in Iraq no longer works. There is no point in having money if the toiler doesn’t work, there is no electricity, or there is no water. Recent Iranian missile strikes were against US bases in Iraq. That should be some indication as to how the recent crisis has erupted.

Iran is attempting to restrict the flow of oil through the Persian Gulf.

Neither Saudi Arabia nor the US wish to tolerate this.

The economy of war is crucial to understanding the concerns people have about the unconventional wars being fought in the Middle East.

Fifteen people representing different peace groups and activists decided on 16 Jan 2020 to support IPAN’s initiative to organise a rally & march against a war on Iran. Please share this poster and encourage people to come.

No War on Iran
Rally King George Square
11am Sat 25 Jan 2020

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