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Ian Curr – Ballad of a Bulliman
Banawurun – Bullymen
Scabz – Feel Good Summer
Tom Robinson Band – Better Decide Which Side You’re On
Thelma Plum – Woke Blokes
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Talk About the Weather
Tenzin Choegyal – Safe Passage
May Lyn – Soldiers
TISM – The Phillip Ruddock Blues

Andrew & Jaz Paradigm Shift 4ZZZ fm 102.1 8 Nov 2019 Friday at Noon

Intro to Ballad of a Bulliman
The Liberal National Party has chosen 33-year-old Senior Constable Nathaniel Jones to take on the Green’s Cr Sri in the Gabba Ward, which includes Kangaroo Point, Dutton Park, South Brisbane and West End. In 2012 that same police officer arrested Uncle Kevin Veritz, a Yuggera man, for lighting a sacred fire in Musgrave Park. Jones claimed that Uncle Kevin had obstructed him in his duties. Kevin refused to allow Council Officer Scott McLoughlin to put out the sacred fire.  

On 22 Oct 2014 Magistrate Callaghan later accepted  evidence by Uncle Kevin that  it was a sacred fire in the culture of his people. The Magistrate accepted Mr Vieritz explanation that there are two types of fires. One is a communal fire and has significance for the family and community and the other type of fire is the sacred fire around which the truth is to be spoken. It is a place for seeking help and is a place where new ideas are borne.

In response to the LNP’s  selection of Snr Constable Jones to run against Councillor Sri, Ian has composed this ballad of a bulliman with apologies to Bob Dylan (See attached).


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