SolGold Mining in Ecuador, Peace in the Middle East, & ‘Big Music at the Risk’

Australian company SolGold is pushing to open copper and gold mines in Ecuador. We were asked to attend their Brisbane AGM to share testimonials from Ecuadorian communities opposed to mining on their traditional lands. They didn’t let us in but – on this day of the global climate strike – I think they know people around the world will stand up against polluting extractive industries. Solgold – out of Ecuador! – Robin Taubenfeld, 20 Sept 2019.

4PR - Voice of the People

Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 Friday 20 Sept 2019 at noon.

Helen Hamley – Big Music at the Risk
Clem Campbell (United nations Association) – International Day of Peace
Rebekah Hayden (Rainforest Action Group) – SolGold Mining in Ecuador.

Yellow Bird – Follow the River
Spinifex Gum Band – Yurala
Spinifex Gum Band – Dream Baby Dream

Security issues
In August 2019, guerrillas from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) announced that the 2016 peace deal had failed, and armed revolution was r e-established in Colombia. The criminal group has been spreading its actions down into Ecuador ever since the deal was established in 2016.

Cascabel is located in close proximity to the Colombian/Ecuadorian border, an area the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) advises as a DO NOT TRAVEL area, where regular travel insurance policies are void and the Australian Government says it is…

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