Høj: “I hear what you say”

“I hear what you say, but have you considered ... ?” - Sir Zelman Cowen, Vice-Chancellor University of Qld during the Vietnam War Intro: University of Queensland Vice-Chancellor Høj was unavailable for radio interview on 4ZZZ, so Paradigm Shift submitted the following written questions for his consideration and response. Hectoria is back on the Paradigm … Continue reading Høj: “I hear what you say”

Bankrupt but not Beaten

Adani has just sunk to a new low, setting a brutal new standard for corporate behaviour. For the first time in Australia's history, a company has bankrupted an Aboriginal leader for standing up for the inalienable rights of First Nations people to our law, our country and our culture. We must mount a defence of … Continue reading Bankrupt but not Beaten