University of Queensland doubles down on heritage demolition plan

The University of Queensland is trying to take down the one space it does not control at St Lucia. This is corporate theft from generations of students and staff. Students built the UQ Union Complex with their union fees and gave it a history that forms part of Queensland Heritage. Here is a response from … Continue reading University of Queensland doubles down on heritage demolition plan

Vale Joan Shears

“In hollows behind outhouses or back of a wall of pepper tree, tanks are sleeping, stirring. They expand, become nervous and rough, and grinning with iron dimples begin to move out to the edge of town to wait for the lorry to place unknown.” —Rhyll McMaster Joan was an organiser for the peace movement in … Continue reading Vale Joan Shears

Extinction rebellion – can capitalism save the planet?

... finally the bankers are starting to listen, as is the insurance industry. We need to start having a serious conversation about this existential threat, amongst ourselves and our community, not hoping that conservative governments will fix the problem – they haven’t for the past 40 years of being asked politely to act. Think about this threat in terms of the future for your children, nephews and nieces, grandchildren etc." - Trevor Berrill