The Big Ride for Palestine 2019

leaflet for the rideSIGN UP IS NOW OPEN

To sign up for the Big Ride 2019, complete the registration form and email it to Once registration is processed an invoice will be emailed for payment. Riders can participate for one day ($100) or both days ($150).
Go to for more info

I am riding for the third year on the big ride for Palestine. Some years ago I saw a film about Israel’s destruction of a refugee camp in Jenin, Palestine.

Now the Big Ride is raising money to improve agriculture in Jenin. I see this as a step forward.

I have just received this message  from APHEDA:

“Funds via APHEDA go to its partner, MA’AN Development Center, an independent secular organisation in Palestine, for agro-ecology training for farmers at Beit Qad Permaculture centre near Jenin. This helps build food sovereignty in Palestine.”

Please support this project by sponsoring the big ride for Palestine at

Ian Curr
July 2019


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