West Australia – Forests, Fracking and Uranium

Will Federal LNP government approval for uranium and forest logging bring them undone in the West?

4PR - Voice of the People

Paradigm Shift 17 May
2019 (4ZZZ fm 102.1 Friday at Noon)

This week we get a bit of an update on what’s happening to the environment in Western Australia. Hear about forests, fracking and uranium mining. Plus some of the best political music in the west.

Andy interviews Jess
Beckerling (WA Forest Alliance convenor ), Paddy Colin, K A Garlick (WA Forest Alliance),

Notes on West Australia – Forests, Fracking and Uranium.

Jess Beckerling who has spent 20 years of activism advocating for WA Forests which had a great bioversity which is being destroyed. Unique flora and fauna like Numbats (an insectivorous marsupial native to Western Australia) and Quokkas (wallaby unique to S-W Western Australia). 90% loss of original vegetation in places like the wheat belt. WA forests are unusual in that they have grown in isolation from the rest of the world through many millenia. There are ancient…

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