Will Minister put a stop to demolition of UQ Union Complex?

WBT has just received this correspondence from the Clerk of the parliament, Mr Neil Laurie. It is a letter written to him by Leanne Enoch MP Minister Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, and Minister Science and Minister for the Arts about the proposed demolition of the UQ union complex by the Senate of Queensland University. We have placed relevant  points made by the Minister in bold.

Ian Curr,
Editor WBT
1 May 2019


The Clerk of the Parliament
Queensland Parliamentary Service
Parliament HouseScreen Shot 2019-04-30 at 6.33.38 pm.png
George Street

Dear Mr Laurie,

Thank you for your letter of 2 April 2019 regarding Petition No. 3052-18 concerning the proposed demolition of the University of Queensland Union Complex tabled on 26 March 2019.

I acknowledge the petitioners’ commitment to conserving Queensland’s cultural heritage.

Under section 154 of the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 (the Act), I have the authority to make a stop order at a place that is not a State heritage place. Before issuing a stop order under section 154 of the Act, I must be satisfied on reasonable grounds that the place is likely to satisfy one or more of the cultural heritage criteria for entry in the Queensland Heritage Register; and a stated work or activity would destroy or substantially reduce the cultural heritage significance of the place.

I am considering the petitioners’ request to make a stop order for the Union Complex and will make a decision on the matter in due course.

I am advised by the Department of Environment and Science that a Queensland Heritage Register application has been submitted for the Union Complex. If the application is accepted, the department will assess the application and make a recommendation to the Queensland Heritage Council about whether the place should be entered in the heritage register.

Students orientation week at UQ Union Feb 1975 S909 p1716a[1] copy
Historic Forum area in UQ Union complex, circa 1970
The Queensland Heritage Council is an independent statutory authority which provides strategic advice to me on matters relating to Queensland’s cultural heritage and is responsible for deciding what places are entered in the heritage register.

I would be pleased if you would arrange for the tabling of this letter in response to the Petition in accordance with Standing Order 31.

I trust this information has been of assistance to the petitioners.

Leanne Enoch MP
Minister Environment and the Great Barrier Reef,
Minister Science and Minister for the Arts

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