1971: anti-apartheid struggle in Brisbane

Radio In Colour: 1971 & the day a future author saved a future QLD premier’s life
Jackie French is Australian Children’s Laureate 2014-2015 and Senior Australian of the Year 2015 along with many other awards. She has written hundreds of books on topics ranging from organic gardening, to wombats, children’s and illustrated books, fantasy and history fiction.

Jackie grew up in Brisbane, where she became part of history herself as a university student caught up in the 1971 anti-apartheid protests that swept Australia in response to the tour of South African football team, the Springboks.
Police surround demonstrators at Tower Mill
Anti-apartheid demonsttrators surrounded by police at Tower Mill on Wickham Terrace, Brisane 1971

Peter Beattie Police Attack
An eye witness account by Jackie French describing how she and her friend, Trish, helped to save future Queensland Premier, Peter Beattie, from serious injury after a young policeman named Linsay Edward Daniels attacked Beattie inside Trades Hall and had lost control of himself.

Click below to listen to the story of how these two women saved future Premier, Peter Beattie…..

Please note that this story contains descriptions of excessive police violence and sexual assault that may be upsetting to some listeners

This incident occurred at about 6:15pm on Thursday 22 July 1971 shortly after police had charged on mass and attacked a peaceful demonstration against apartheid outside the nearby Tower Mill motel.

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