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Green Space IN THE GABBA

CHECK OUT THE Intersection of Sword st and Maynard st. The road will be closed from 6.30 am to 1pm, but if local residents need to slide out, we should be able to let them in. Otherwise your role will … Continue reading

Is Big Coal a Train Wreck?

Paradigm Shift

We will be loud against the silence
Angry at the greed
We will not beg

We are defiant
Tell it like it is

– Phil Monsour and the Crisis Actors, ‘Our House is on fire

‘We can’t just replace big oil with big solar’ – Sadie

Paradigm Shift 4ZZZ fm 102.1 Fridays at Noon 12 April 2019

Ian speaks with Sadie and Hanna about direct action against coal. Both are activists who, along with others, have challenged Australia’s largest freight carrier, Aurizon, for its participation in the climate changing coal industry. Both have been hit with a SLAPP (Strategic Litigation against Public Participation) suit by Aurizon and are facing large damages, bankruptcy and jail time.
Paradigm Shift supports these activists in their struggle against big coal. Will you? Have a listen and decide for yourselves. Aurizon joined the Aurizon five to its writ against Front Line Action on…

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