Australia at the crossroads: Time for an independent foreign policy

This year’s conference, titled ‘Australia at the crossroads: Time for an independent foreign policy’ is being held in Darwin as it is the centre for the most recent establishment of a foreign military presence in Australia.

Public Meeting – Friday evening 2nd Aug 6:30pm. $10 entry fee

Charles Darwin University
Waterfront Campus (Fri), Casuarina Campus (Sat&Sun) Darwin City

Conference: Saturday 3rd Aug 8:30am – 5:00pm & Sunday 4th Aug 8:30am – 1:00pm. Cost $75 ($50 concession) for both days including lunch. A public rally/protest will be included in the conference program for Saturday afternoon.

US Marines are stationed in Darwin with numbers planned to rise to 2500 in the near future with an undeclared strength of US Airforce at Tindal and Darwin airports and US Naval forces using Darwin harbour.

Meanwhile less talked about is the establishment of training facilities to support up to 14000 Singapore Armed Forces personnel in Central and North Queensland over 18 weeks a year for 25 years.
The conference is being held in the ominous shadow of contention in our region between the US and China which might break out into hostilities at any time; and Australia is currently joined at the hip with the US military and their objectives.

The conference will explore the following areas:
• Why Australia needs an Independent Foreign Policy
• The extent of foreign military facilities in Australia
• The impact of militarism on the Environment
• The costs of militarism to Australians

Featuring a range of high profile and international speakers, including author and expert on US intelligence and military facilities Richard Tanter, Professor Lisa Natividad from Guam, Robin Taubenfeld from Friends of the Earth and with more speakers to address the above issues. There will also be remote personal address from John Pilger (renowned investigative journalist and film maker) and both Abby Martin & Mike Prysner (from The Empire Files).

The conference will provide an opportunity to increase public awareness of the issues through conference attendance and media publicity.

Darwin has a unique connection to our South East Asian and Pacific neighbours with whom we wish to have constructive and peaceful relations. This wish is being undermined by Australian governments following and supporting the political and military ambitions of the United States.

Never has there been a more important time for Australia to pursue an independent foreign policy for the economic well-being and national security of the Australian people, and that of our neighbours.

An independent and self-reliant Australian foreign policy IS possible.

Format for weekend includes:
Friday evening public forum 6:30 pm for 7:00pm start
Conference Saturday 8:30am through until 1.00pm Sunday.

Full conference program development is in progress. This will be accessible on the IPAN website

For more information contact the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) at or visit our website at

Phone Contact Annette 0431 597 256 or Bevan 0418 697 528

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