Just how stupid is Trump?

Political power comes from the barrell of a gun – Mao

When talking up regime change in Venezuela Trump and his deputy, Pence, are happy to invoke the Munroe Doctrine. This 100 year old U.S. policy says that European states shall not interfere in the affairs of Latin American states, only the United States can do that.

Trump has just announced that he is withdrawing aid from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. The main push factor for the caravans of migrants from these countries through Mexico is poverty. By withdrawing aid and increasing poverty he will make more refugees go to the US not less.

I’m wondering if Trump loses the next election if he will actually accept the result?

I have been watching SBS film Waco about a siege in Texas by the FBI (It is still available on demand). I can see why people in the US no longer trust the government.

Trump has played on that successfully … why would you give up power …  George W Bush didn’t really win his second election,  having lost in Florida, but the Democrats didn’t press it.

The next few years do not  look very bright to me.

Some of Trump’s hard-core supporters believe everything he says.
But his health may not hold out much longer after another campaign.

Maybe New York State will tell him they won’t prosecute if he goes quietly. Remember the deal that was struck with Spiro T Agnew.

Ian Curr
2 April 2019

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2 responses to “Just how stupid is Trump?

  1. Munroe doctrine returns to attack Cuba ...
  2. Climate Change a push factor for the caravans from central America ...

    I listened to this a couple of night’s ago … they are saying that climate change is driving people out of Central America to the United States, here is the blurb from the New Yorker:

    Last week, President Trump announced that he would stop sending financial aid to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, the countries of origin of many of the migrants attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border.

    Trump’s announcement contradicts accepted wisdom that foreign aid decreases migration, and comes as Trump is threatening to close the southern border as a matter of national security.

    Jonathan Blitzer, who recently reported on migration from Guatemala, joins Dorothy Wickenden to discuss Trump’s immigration policies and how climate change is giving his Administration even more to worry about. …


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