Brisbane Radical Events Activist Diary

Wednesday 3rd of April Breaking Ground – Frontline Truths (Brisbane6.30pm-9pm20 Brennan St, Slacks Creek
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Join us for a special night of storytelling, song & traditional dance as we share #FrontlineTruths. Pacific Climate Warriors from across the Pacific Region and the Pacific diaspora in Australia will be in Brisbane hosting a powerful storytelling event. Through culture, song, dance, and spoken word we will share the lived realities of climate change along with our stories from the front lines of climate action.What to expect:-Siva afi by Samoan fire dancer Moemoana Schwenke (Sydney).- Frontline Truths from Pacific Climate Warrior Christopher Lam (Papua New Guinea).

– Weaving circle with Pacific Climate Warrior & artist Yasbelle Kerkow (Fiji diaspora).

– Community performances by local Brisbane Pasifika groups including Kiribati, Tokelau & Tuvaluan communities.

-Siva by Florence Folole Tupuola (Melbourne PCW)
-Pacific Island food for sale | Lovo (umu) pack – chicken, pork, dalo and palusami.

This event is part of the #BreakingGround tour which will travel through key electorates in Queensland, where Pacific Climate Warriors will share their #FrontlineTruths about the impacts of climate change through storytelling, song and traditional dance.Our hope is to share our stories and to inspire people to rise up with us as we face these challenges together.
Tickets: $5 each
Plate of traditional Pacific Island food: $15 – Hosted by Manokan Kiribati.#350Australia #350Pacific #1point5
Friday 5th of April Stop Adani Convoy Brisbane Info Evening
10 Laura St Highgate Hill

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The Stop Adani convoy is coming to town! Find out about the convoy and how you can get involved.
The Stop Adani Convoy, lead by Bob Brown, is a convoy of people heading from Hobart to Canberra via the Galilee Basin in north Queensland. The convoy is a community commitment – an act of defiance for the future of our planet – and a peaceful protest against Gautam Adani’s obscene mine in the lead up to the federal election.  In the run upto the federal election it will be critical to pressure political parties to commit to stopping this disastrous project

Come along to the information evening to learn more about the convoy, find out how you can get involved and help us make this journey huge!The convoy will be traveling up the coast of Australia and along the waythere will be BIG rallies in Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney, Mullumbimby and Brisbane and Airlie Beach. Once the convoy reaches  North Queensland, people can join the Stop Adani frontline protest camp, Camp Nudja, near Bowen, or continue with the convoy back down to Canberra. In Canberra there will be a Climate Action Rally outside Parliament House on what could be the last Sunday before the Federal election.

This is going to be a huge moment for the Stop Adani campaign and we would love you to be part of it.For more information about the convoy check out: you want to join the convoy you can register here:

If you want to help out with the event but can’t make it along to the information night fill out this form and we will be in touch.
Women Out Front Gig: LÂLKA, Keeskea, Bad Sext, ARIG8pm-12pm228 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley
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Every year on International Women’s Day, there are multiple events celebrating the talent of female musicians. But it got us thinking: shouldn’t this be happening more often.
So my office is organising a gig night at the Foundry on Friday, 5 April to reinforce the message that putting women up front shouldn’t be a once-a-year exercise. We’ve got an all-women lineup featuring LÂLKA, Keeskea, Bad Sext and ARIG.
Recently there’s been a bit more attention to the challenges women face in the music industry (although still not enough), and we’re hoping this gig could double as a space for a few women to share their thoughts and experiences.Saturday 6th of April Modifyre 2019: Theme Camp Exploration Session2pm-4pm42 Mollison St, West End
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What is Modifyre you may ask?….Theme camp registrations for Modifyre 2019 are now OPEN!

A theme camp is an interactive, inclusive and participatory space created by the combined efforts of participants for the benefit of other participants. They are the social core of any burn, bringing vibrancy and variety.We are holding a theme camp exploration session at 2pm, Saturday, 6th April at House Conspiracy, West End. This will be both an information and discussion session, on all matters related to running a theme camp at Modifyre 2019. Please bring a notebook and pen or a laptop. We look forward to catching up with you all!

Baz and AnjTheme Camp Co-ordinators Sunday 7th of April Pelican Patch (Verge) Pathway Party

7pm-5pm105 Evenwood St, Coopers Plains
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With the Farm going through some major optimisation, we rejoice by spilling out of the patch and out onto the street (safely and legally). Reclaiming home space and doing a darn good job of it, we’ll have skilled gardeners and planting plans up to make a beautiful and abundant verge garden using a Syntropic Design.

We’ve teamed up with Green the Street to announce the 4th verge planting party to green yet another street…The Pelican Patch is an urban farm in Brisbane’s southside that uses a form of Agroforestry from Brazil called Syntropic Agroforestry.  
This is a family friendly event, it is fine to:1. Come alone or with friends.2. If you can, bring a plant (handy tips at After gardening we’ll cook up some food at the campfire and get a few tracks rolling.  PS: if you wish to perform music or an act at any stage, message me to discuss. Monday 8th of April Calling for Connection in the Digital Age5.30pm-7pm10 Laura St, Highgate HillFB event.

Technology is changing the world faster than our culture and society is able to adapt to it. We live our lives increasingly mediated by devices and platforms designed in ways that often confuse, paralyse and exploit us as a collective and as individuals. This workshop responds to this present reality of our lives and calls upon us to fully realise how technology is changing our lived experience and to get curious about what we may need to do to elevate our consciousness to the challenge this presents. Through experiential processes inspired by the deep ecology and authentic relating movements, this workshop challenges us to deepen our connection with the people and world around us. Silent Spaces – Communal Silence, Shared Meal, & Listening Space7pm-8.30pm10 Laura St, Highgate Hill
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‘Silent Spaces’
A gathering to share the gifts of silence in community.Monday evenings March 25th through 15th April, at Turnstyle Community Space.7pm Communal silence. Sitting in silence, some meditate and others draw. 30 minutes of silence, shared together.
7:30pm Eating of a shared meal, from a plate of prepared food we have brought along.
8:30pm-9:15pm Listening space. Sitting with each other in circle, we listen to what each other has to say. Everyone gets a chance to break the silence. We listen in silence without reacting. We thank each person for their contribution and move on. We learn what it feels like to share freely in community without judgement or agenda. This is a space to hear ourselves, to be present to others without ‘doing’ anything.

Questions and enquiries: Jason Egbars (organiser) 0428040132

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