El Pueblo Unido

Porque esta vez no se trata
de cambiar un presidente,
será el pueblo quien construya
un Chile bien diferente.

– El Pueblo Unido

The anthem of the Chilean Left … of the Left the world over begins at 2:50

In 1973 we hosted Inti-Illimani, a Chilean folk music group stranded outside of their country after the Pinochet coup. We became involved with a Palestinian woman and worked with her to educate people on campus about Zionism and the occupation of Palestine.

We, along with exiled Iranian students, tried to shout down Meir Kahane, leader of the Jewish Defense League, when he spoke on campus.

To this day we’re active in the movement against the occupation of Palestine. The Palestinians never give up.

How can we?” *

Si nuestra tierra nos pide
tenemos que ser nosotros
los que levantemos Chile,
así es que a poner el hombro.

If our land asks us
we have to be us
those that we raise Chile,
so is to put the shoulder.

Vamos a llevar las riendas
de todos nuestros asuntos
y que de una vez entiendan
hombre y mujer todos juntos

Let’s take the reins
of all our affairs
and that they understand at once
man and woman all together.

Porque esta vez no se trata
de cambiar un presidente,
será el pueblo quien construya
un Chile bien diferente.

Because this time it’s not about
to change a president,
it will be the people who build
a very different Chile.

Todos vénganse a juntar,
tenemos la puerta abierta,
y la Unidad Popular
es para todo el que quiera.

All come together,
we have the door open,
and the Popular Unity
It is for everyone who wants.

Echaremos fuera al yanqui
y su lenguaje siniestro.
Con la Unidad Popular
ahora somos gobierno.

We will throw out the Yankee
and its sinister language.
With the Popular Unit
now we are government.

La patria se verá grande
con su tierra liberada,
por que tenemos la llave
ahora la cosa marcha.

The country will look great
with his liberated land,
why do we have the key
now the thing is moving.

Ya nadie puede quitarnos
el derecho de ser libres
y como seres humanos
podremos vivir en Chile.

Nobody can take us anymore
the right to be free
and as human beings
we can live in Chile.

*From You Say You Want a Revolution . John F. Levin.

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